A Very Symbolic Memorial

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Someone explain this to me, please. I know he was the guy who invented the early photography daguerreotype. But I need the world, the garland, and the woman explained to me. Thanks.

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  • From the Smithsonian website’s description of the memorial:

    “Small relief bust of Louis Daguerre rests in front of a large globe on top of a curved pedestal base. A female figure representing Fame kneels on the base in front of the bust of Daguerre and frames his face with a laurel garland. Another garland encircles a globe to exemplify the universality of photography.”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Damn, you are good!!!

  • ha ha ha ha. I have actually wondered this before. my literary take: now, with the tres fab invention of THE DAUGUERROTYPE, the whole world is in our hands. or if you’re this lady, ready to be decorated. kinda like in “dirty dancing”: “Our baby’s gonna save the world. And Lisa? Lisa’s gonna decorate it. I’ll say she already does!!!” yuck yuck.

    Anywho, just found dcblogs and you. LOVE the site (especially the little green and yellow lines) and you are hilarious. I will be back. and soon.

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