Acoustic Music Back at Columbia Heights Coffee!

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First let me say, I swear I’m not on the payroll of CHC and I pay for each and every coffee I drink! I simply believe it is the greatest coffee shop in the city. And it keeps getting better. Back in the day they used to have a fellow playing acoustic guitar on weekends which was a real nice touch. I was overjoyed to see the return of JC pictured here. You can catch him most Sunday afternoons at Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street. His music is very mellow and unobtrusive, he takes requests, and I think it is the perfect compliment to a perfect cup of coffee.

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  • When are these guys expanding their space.

  • OK, so this is a response to Anon 10:58.
    CH coffee could use the assistance of any neighbor with drafting skills to help look over their plans for the building permit. What’s involved is knocking down a non-load-bearing (drywall on frame) wall; also plumbing plans for another bathroom and mechanical plans for HVAC.

  • I was just there a couple of weekends ago and JC was really good! He has a great voice and his renditions of the songs he plays are really wonderful and make the wait for your order go by so quickly! And PoP they should put you on the payroll or hook you up with a drink or bagel here and there! I went for the first time just because of this blog-the lox cream cheese bagel you posted sold me! Actually, my roommates and I have hit up the Empanada place because of your blog and we also went into the RCKCNDY store because of your blog. The guy working at the store (the owner?) said that the customer just before us also had come because of your blog as well as others previous days. He also said he has never had such a turnout before because of a blog.

    So kudos you! You bring the community together and also promote the community retailers more than you know 🙂

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