A New PoP Feature: Random Tattoos I Encounter on my Walks

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So it occurred to me I’m always looking high and low for cool murals and wham, I realized I walk by cool art all the time. So I thought as it gets warmer I’ll be seeing more and more so why not feature some interesting tattoos? So this is Bob’s arm. He plays in a band called Roxie Heart and the tattoo was inspired by a song he wrote called, you guessed it, “Broken Wings Can’t Fly.” You can catch his band May 11th at Asylum in Adams Morgan. Check out an extremely proud Washingtonian after the jump.

This is Annie’s back. I think it is Annie, I didn’t have a pen at the time. But the funniest thing I learned after talking with her was that many folks come up to her and ask if it is the logo of some sneaker company. And interestingly she gets the most props from older Washingtonians.


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  • You should go to Solly’s and see the bartender Etienne’s tat when he finally finishes it.

  • Or check out the waitress at Clarendon Grill …she has the Metro M as a tramp stamp.

  • Tattoos are disgusting. Nothing more than stains, and will look even more disgusting when all these folks are old and saggy. Yikes. Cannot wait the tattoo fad to pass already.

  • Tattoos have been a distinct part of human culture since Neolithic Eurasia and quite possibly Paleolithic Asia… I wouldn’t hold your breath on the tattoo ‘fad’.

    …that being said, If your tattoo can be found in a lucky charms box I hope you have a great story.

    Hearts, stars and horseshoes!
    Clovers and blue moons!
    Pots of gold and rainbows!
    All Tattoo’d on Buffoons!

  • Haha, Flipflopirate, that is a great poem. I actually have a little star tattoo, but that little ditty still makes me laugh! 🙂

    so does Gramp Stamp!!!

  • Flipflopirate, I think you know quite well what I meant by the fad. Tattoos have been all the rage among “hip and cool” people for the last 10 years.. well, yeah, I guess ten years is more than a fad, I give you that. In any case, I hope it starts to go away.

  • Some of my girls and I have made a game of spotting the DC Flag tattoos like the one above and text one another with a description of the person and the location on them we see it (in order to claim the point). I’m a bit perplexed by the dc pride tattoo because I haven’t really seen anything else like it in the country. Is is really instead a secret club I don’t know about?
    That said, I won’t get into my views on tat’s, except to say I have more then one and like anything else, to each his own.

  • Annie’s old roommate says “that’s definitely Annie.”

  • Tattoos will never go away…they haven’t since the human race first discovered it could tattoo itself. Same with piercings, here to stay! You might as well tell people to stop wearing Jeans…those crazy hipsters making the working man’s pants cool! What were they thinking!?!

  • The DC Flag tattoo is also a symbol of the fantastic Rock/Punk scene that lives on in DC.

  • Pia, you obviously have never been to Texas where you can’t fling a dead armadillo without hitting an hombre (or senorita) with a tattoo of the lone star or the state of Texas emblazoned across their ruddy flesh. I personally have eschewed body art for two very good reasons: (1) I only get the hankering for tats when I’m drunk, but I always then remember that my daddy got his tattoos when plastered and ended up with a cupie doll on one forearm and the name of woman other than my momma on his biceps; and (2) because I want to have as few identifying characteristics for my FBI file as possible.

    Best story of a buddy with a Texas lone star tattoo: Mike, my pal, was standing up at a dusty bar outside of Sweetwater, Oklahoma (ain’t nothin’ sweet about it) quenching his mighty thirst after a long day in the oil patch and a few local Okies uncrossed their eyes long enough to note his tattoo and inquired “Texas? You figger you like Texas?” Mike contemplated this and said, “truly I love Texas, except went the wind blows south and I can smell Oklahoma.”

    Tattoos are a wonderful conversation starter.

  • Or Maryland. I’ve been in bars in Frederick and Baltimore in which a person showing off new Maryland tattoo resulted in the spontaneous outbreak of a Maryland pride tattoo competition, threatening to engulf the entire premises. I’ve seen Maryland flag tattoos, Maryland crabs, orioles, black-eyed susans, Natty Boh faces — even a scale map of the Chesapeake watershed…

  • Another one of Annie’s old roommates says “that’s definitely Annie”.

  • I like that all of my old roommates choose to stay “anonymous”. I would too if I had to live with such a hussy- look at that bra showing! Jeez.

  • I am not asking tattoos to go away.. jeesh.. I am asking them to go away from every fucking pricks arm, but and neck. “Look, I am so original and unique and different”. Please, grow up. 😀

  • For the record, Poo Poo, I have 3 tattoos and 1) have a PhD, 2) never touched an illegal drug in my life and 3) am nowhere near being sexually promiscuous, or “loose”, as Mom likes to say (I’ll spare everyone the details). I blame my art on the trauma of graduate school.

  • Rachel Says: “For the record, I have 3 tattoos and […] never touched an illegal drug in my life and am nowhere near being sexually promiscuous, or ‘loose’.”

    Bah! False advertising.

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