A Beautiful Sight

IMG_7782, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It’s time to bring your hammocks out of storage!

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  • I want a hammock so bad it hurts. I have yet to figure out exactly where at our group house it will be, but I know thats in my future…

  • that’s why I just planted a tree in the front yard on Saturday. The tree is only about 4 ft tall now, so there is not a good place for a hammock

  • I’m not sure that I would hop on a hammock that was attached at one end to my window bars.

  • YEAH!

    I have a stand for my hammock due to the lack of trees in close proximity to one another. Also it doesn’t seem like a good idea to tie it to the window bars. šŸ™

  • I will bet you next month’s mortgage (not really) that this hammock is from El Salvador. They are so popular in Central America and the colors look like the ones that are from EL Salvador.

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