You Needn’t Keep Looking For A Good Dry Cleaners

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This one is tops. Right across the street from the Giant on Park Rd.

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  • I’ve actually had great service from the OXXO on this same block. Both seem to have great service, 24 hour drop off, and the work is done on site. HOWEVER, OXXO has da bomb! It is an ATM-style machine that allows you to retrieve your order 24/7. You swipe your customer card, things rotate inside, then a little closet door slides open and your order is right there. Amazing!

    From looking at it, it is just a rather simple and smart add-on to the standard rotating clothes system you see at every cleaner. It is so unbelievably smart it makes you wonder why every dry cleaner doesn’t have a similar system.

  • I took about a dozen shirts there once. Two came back with missing buttons. Another had these cool snaps on the sleeve that looked like cuff links that came back with the snaps crushed. I went back but because I wasn’t a regular and I didn’t have my receipt they said there was nothing they could do. Of course I’ve never been back.

  • the OXXO has a robot. A ROBOT! How could you go anywhere else?

  • You can’t beat Lapels on 14th and Crittenden if you live further up. The people who own/run it are very friendly and consciencious – the check shirts for collar stays and cufflinks, fix buttons when they break and even sent my rug back to be cleaned a second time because tey weren’t satisfied (and called me to tell me that it would be late as a result). A real quality neighborhood business.

  • Yeah, I have to say that Robot Dry Cleaner totally rocks. I’ve known people to loiter around it just to watch some stranger pick up stuff.

  • Georgetown Valet totally kicks a$$ over OXXO. OXXO lost some of my dry cleaning for a while and did probably the worst alterations I”ve ever had. I went to Georgetown Valet to get them to fix it, and I’ve been using them ever since.

    So either Georgetown needs to get a robot, or OXXO needs to get better people working for them…

  • Why is it called ‘Georgetown’ when it’s miles from there? Is it a chain?

  • yes, it’s a chain

  • I go to the OXXO as well… Georgetown Valet is very expensive for women’s clothing. I got basic alterations (hemming and taking in the waist) and drycleaning for a dress there a while back, and it ran me back $55 🙁 Meanwhile, drycleaning at OXXO is more like $5 a piece.

  • French’s Cleaners at 14th and Quincy is the place to go. Nice Chinese (?) family owned place, where they address you buy your family name and Mr./Ms. in front… ahh.. that’s the way to do it!!

  • One sweater, one two-piece suit, and one pair of slacks set me back almost $20. The same thing cost me less than $8 at the Zips on Connecticut. Georgetown is a ripoff.

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