You Can Have My Garbage Can When You Take It From My Cold Dead Hands

IMG_7369, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Hmm, this is odd. At least the owner could have left a bowl of water as well. This garbage can is tethered to a tree in the front of someone’s house. Maybe someone was finally pushed over the edge after one too many garbage can thefts?

Incidentally, on Friday when I went to put my own garbage can back in my yard, I was initially disturbed to find it missing. I was incredulous that someone had stolen my garbage can. So, I’m walking all up and down my alley to see if it had been misplaced because it has huge house numbers spray painted on. But no, I couldn’t find it. So I finally give up and go into my yard and lo and behold it was there. Wild! In all the five years that I’ve been taking my garbage can out in the alley it has never been put back in my yard. Which makes sense because there is a fence. So, it kind of freaked me out a little bit. Maybe a really nice neighbor put it back? There’s no way the garbage men but it back right?

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  • Probably the same yard fairies that mysteriously mow their neighbors yards on random weekends? 😉

  • A lot of garbage cans look the same, and with the garbage men just throwing them here and there, sometimes it’s hard to tell whose is which, unless there are numbers on the cans.

  • I’m surprised that the trash people can empty it like that! The tether looks pretty short. And isn’t it illegal to leave your trash can on public property anyway?

    Much simpler solution: spray paint your address on it. Oh yeah, and don’t leave it on the sidewalk except on trash day. Seems to work for most people…

  • Painting on the number doesn’t always work. A couple of months ago, we saw that the crack house on our block had stolen a neighbours trash can, despite that it had the house number written clearly all over it.

  • Yeah, well, you can’t win all the time. But at least you can steal it back from the crackhead neighbor stupid enough to steal a trashcan on their own street.

  • The garbagemen on my route will sometimes throw the empty can over the 6′ fence – they just fling it over like it’s nothing. As for the tethered can, that probably antagonizes the trash guys; I don’t see that little eye hook staying in the tree too long.

  • Anyone see that episode of Malcolm in the Middle? NEVER antagonize the trash guys. They surely have much more power to make your life miserable than you do over them…

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