Yeah, This Still Doesn’t Make Me Want To Work Out

IMG_7381, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

My lord this is a fairly disgusting image to get someone to join a gym. WTF? This is just wrong. You can check out the ass fat after the jump.


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  • Actually, that’s a pretty effective motivator for me, especially when you do some quick math:

    – fat is less dense than water
    – water weighs 8 pounds per gallon
    – that looks to be about 2 gallons of yellow stuff

    – the picture shows about 15 pounds of fat

    Which really hits home, because I’m about 15 pounds overweight. Gack! I’ve got THAT MUCH fat on me!!??!! It’s carrot sticks and daily workouts for me!

  • that gym’s run by scientologists. they’re really creepy.

  • hysterical. I am in the gym right now — good motivator!

  • As soon as they find a way to make working out as fun as eating out is then I’ll head to the gym!

  • it’s a good depiction of fat.

    make it noticeable, and folks will respond.

    why not show what bad habits do to you?

    you want to make it pretty?

    show “what you could be”, and i’ll bet NIKE would sponsor it…

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