What Type of Trees Are These

IMG_7122, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

While I normally give all my love to the sweet tree in Grant Circle, lately I’ve been admiring these three trees in the triangle park just south of Grant Circle at New Hampshire and Taylor. How did they bend like that? Was that natural or were they manipulated like bonsai trees?

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  • Ulmus ‘Camperdownii’


    I went to the University of Idaho and we have some 25 or 30 of these great trees.

  • Go Vandals!

  • Those are my favorite trees in the neighborhood!

    I was out taking pictures of them last summer and a master gardner walked by and told me their name, but I forgot. She said they were [something] japonica. I do remember, however, that she said they were not a weeping variety, but rather were trained that way. My best guess had been that they were Sephora japonica. I remain unconvinced they aren’t a weeping variety, but I’m no tree expert.

    Soddcutter, my memory isn’t great, but are the leaves on those trees the same as on the Ulmus

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