What the Hell’s a Talking House?

IMG_7360, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This sign has been up for well over a year. But I didn’t see a for sale sign near the house. Unfortunately I didn’t have a transistor radio with me at the time either. So, is a talking house a sales pitch or something else?

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  • Gives you information on the house.
    Usually the house is for sale though.
    Maybe these people just like to have their house say stuff like. “Today my floors got washed and the people who live here gave me a new coat of paint.”

  • A talking house gives you a guided tour of the inside of the house. I actually tuned into one before. Basically they just read the description of the house. “Upon entering through the solid oak front door you find yourself in the spacious living room tastefully painted in a sage green with large bright energy efficent windows” etc etc.

  • I listened to one, as per the directions on the sign and it announced that a certain individual was a realtor and gave the phone number to call.

  • So it’s basically like having your house on Twitter? Only old school.

  • It says “YO!!!!” when you go in

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