Very Cool Third Floor

IMG_7096, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I like how the window come out of the roof, very subtle.

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  • This is the pop up I think I recommended you have a look in a reply to one of your posts in the past. 🙂 I love this one. Possibly the best I’ve seen. There is another one accross the street (if my memory serves me right) a few houses down which is quite subtle as well. And another one maybe a street up or down from this street, being constructed – not quite as subtle but it seems they are making a serious effort to make it match the other floors.

  • I dunno PoP. I think this one is pretty hideous too. I just don’t think it’s possible to make one of these look decent.

  • Saf, I recommend you do a “walk by”.. it looks quite nice. Plus its not like you are walking gazing up the sky normally anyway.

  • I live in the next block. this one is not that bad, compared to some. but in general they suck.

  • nice picture. whats interesting is that “pop-up” has been there for a long time. one of our projects was two doors down, included a “pop-up” which didn’t even register with your photographer. we’re proud of that one as it really blended in well and provided for the extra sqft most everyone desires.

    we also did one across the street and towards holmead that got mixed reviews but i think it worked well. the house just resold for 925K+

  • Is the 3DG firm now reading PoP’s posts on pop-ups?

  • Well, it is the WWW. Isn’t that the whole point of blogging, that everyone can jump on board??

    I’m now waiting for people to jump on here and attack the 925K+ comment….


  • PoP is a must read!

    and PS it wasn’t us that sold the property at 925k+ it was the person who purchased it from us….

  • the 3dg one was hideous (sold for 912k)

  • that is wonderful if architects can respond to feelings of the community… it’s just a little upside-down that this is through the www

  • 3DG, which email should I use to discuss a possible project were are contemplating (nothing firm, just toying around, thinking of possible options, and, quite importantly, how the hell much could this or that cost, roughly)?

  • This pop-up or third floor is quite discrete: I like it. But what’s with PoP and the pop-ups? If it weren’t for this blog, I would have never noticed these pop-ups, except the one at the southeastern corner of NH Ave and Upshur Streets. Which is looking less horrendous.

  • please go to the website, fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch

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