Update on the Fire at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street and community volunteer efforts

From an email I received:

Victims of the fire at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street have been relocated to the Best Western Hotel on South Capital and I Streets SW through Saturday night. City officials and community workers are helping to find semi-permanent housing for the displaced tenants until the building is refurbished and they can move back in. We’ve been in close contact with Yasmin Romero at the tenant association and other workers orchestrating relief efforts. Below are the latest needs – Yasmin and the other tenants are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from the community:


Main Needs for Volunteers and Donations:

1. Translation at the Hotel

We need translation for tenants who are now housed at Best Western Hotel at I and South Capitol Streets SW. The Hotel is right next to the DC Inspection Station. You will be helping translate for people working with DC officials to determine medium and long term needs. Please call Jackie Reyes at 202-340-8255 or write her at Jackie Reyes <[email protected]>; it would be greatly helpful if you can provide these services TODAY

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  • Thanks for bringing this back, I have to confess I didn’t understand the extent of the fire until I saw the front page of the Post today.

  • Hi there, I’ve been helping at Neighbors Consejo and people has responded greatly, they need donations of funds, gift-cards (groceries, pharmacies, markets, etc) mostly. They have plenty of clothes as right now. People will be moved to different residences after 3 days at the hotel. Thanks for posting this.

  • I sent a donation to Neighbors Consejo yesterday on behalf of the victims of the Mount “Vernon” fire. Duh. Well, they’ll know what to do with it, I’m sure.

  • I volunteered for a few hours Sunday morning sorting donations at DC General. The greatest shorcomings seem to be school supplies, and baby things things in general (especially formula). Don’t donate any perishable goods, and when giving clothing please consider whether it’s something you would want wear. If it’s damaged or dirty, it won’t be used.

    This was my first experience working with this kind of relief effort. Shirley Hall, who was running the show there for Serve DC, is awesome. I was really impressed by the quality and organization of the whole operation especially given the limited resources they are dealing with. It’s encouraging to see firsthand someone in an area of DC government that is so important who really cares and is doing a great job.

    Also – I took a bunch of pictures of the building the day after the fire, including some from above as I was able to get onto the roof of the apartment building behind 3145. If you are interested link to my blog above.

  • Jamie-

    There were 9 school aged children who are getting school supplies and books from the PTA at Bancroft Elementary. There were an additional 4 babies and 1 pregnant woman in the building. I have no information about older kids in the building.

  • Sounds like school supplies aren’t an issue then. They definitely seemed to be concerned about formula for the babies, I guess in large part because it’s very expensive. There was tons of women’s and mens clothing.

  • Your pictures are stunning, Jamie.

  • Thank you Christina!

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