To Enclose or Not To Enclose Vol. 67

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This is one sweet outdoor space. But after the jump check out a neighboring home in the same style except their outdoor space is a sunroom. So which do you prefer open to the sun and elements (including mosquitos) or closed up?


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  • that’s on arkansas near rock creek isn’t it? i can never tell how i feel about those homes

  • Those midcentury homes — no strong sense of style — seems reasonable to bring in an architect and give the house a little more personality

  • The ones without sunroom look a lot better – that’s the way the architect designed them. However, I do feel for the owners and can well undestand that a covered space is more useful. A good looking compromise could be some kind of a pergola (??) type of a wooden frame covered with ever green wines… That would not give the extra living space of course. Most of the sunrooms (like the one in the pic) are fairly ugly and could be made to look a lot nicer too (read = more expensive too).

  • I love those homes! (I’m a midcentury fan, however, and from what I can tell, the only one who posts on this blog.) And many of them have lovely gardens in front.

  • Those houses are so bizarre. It’s like someone got lost on the way to SF and went ahead with their original plans in DC. They do, however, confront a visitor with a distinct feel to the neighborhood right as they exit the parkway. Imageability.

  • This is one of the only houses posted on PoP that I recognized right away. I come in from Rock Creek Pkway to Arkansas everyday and I wonder about those houses. They’ve grown on me. I like them. I believe, like aj, I’m a midcentury fan.

  • I used to think those houses were hideous until I went in one. They have a great open-space floor plan with cool fireplaces on the second floor—makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse. Most still have little garages and a small garden area out back. They have 3BR/2BA. I’ve seen at least one really good modern kitchen renovation in one as well.

  • i’m a mid century fan too!

  • they are gorgeous on the inside.

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