The Return of Sweet Bathroom Renovations

Petworth 056

This is a fantastic renovation from a new Petworth resident. So let me renew my call for you to email me any renovations you have done to your bathroom, kitchen or any part of your house. Email me at [email protected]

In addition to Petworth, let’s see some Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant entries or from wherever neighborhood you call home.

Check out some more angles and a sweet skylight as well as the before photo after the jump.

Petworth 054

Petworth 055


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  • I actually like the old subway tile in the bathtub, but is that a towel rack IN the tub in the before picture?? Odd, but I’m sure it was one woman or man’s castle back in it’s day.

  • I like the paper towel dispenser next to the toilet. good for eating ribs on the john.

  • Good call anon- perhaps toilet ribs is an extension of the shower beer concept…

  • i have a vessel sink just like this one and am looking for a vanity similar to this to put it on…can the owner tell me where to look? thanks.

  • I like the renovation, but just not the open vanity – at least not without some other place to put your crap. I don’t like having the trashcan, TP, bleach, etc, all hanging out in the open.

  • Sure – we got the vanity at Home Depot. Glad you like it!

  • Bad idea was: to get rid of original subway tiles from the wall and the octagon tiles (they are probably 1$5 to $20 sqft ) from floor and replacing with inexpensive tiles.
    Good idea: was to replace old vanity, sink and toilet bowl, and the shower door, with nice modern ounces.
    Overall it is a nice job.

  • I like the original subway tile, but the floor tile in the “before” pic is definitely not period. Looks like a Home Depot special. No loss there. But, as much as I like original stuff, bathroom tile is often cracked a lot in 100 year old houses because the joists warp under the weight. If you’re doing a full bathroom job properly in one of these joints you usually need to shore up the joists and level the floor, it’s pretty hard to save the tiles.

  • Is that a skylight I see in the third picture? I have mentioned this previously but will repeat it here. We got our old bathroom skylight cleaned and redone and another skylight put in above the stairs. It makes all the difference in the world in terms of light in the house, and probably even electricity bills. So much extra light comes through the skylight, as our house has a northern exposure and is not an end unit, that is, rather dark. It was really worth the slight expense to add the skylights.

  • Toby, who did your skylight renovation? We have a similar project in mind. Thanks!

  • i mean, the renovation is nice and all, but what’s up with the dirty toilet?

  • Our skylight was done by some random, fly by night guy from Guatemala who had been working on a house up the street. We don’t have his business card, nor his # and don’t even think he speaks English. And of course, we paid cash. I know this sounds terrible. Sorry. Yeah, I noticed the dirty toilet too.

  • geez, that’s the before. maybe it was stained or something. i love subway tile (installed it im my bath) but the brown tile adds a lot of warmth.

  • i love seeing the renovations!! would it be possible to get a list of what was changed from the befor to the after and an approximate cost? as a new home owner, its hard to know when youre getting ripped off, but getting the details on this project (and hopefully many more to come) would really help out… thanks!!

  • Skylights can take a toll in heating bills, though. Wonder how cold that bathroom tile feels on winter nights…

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