Taqueria Distrito Federal To Open Second Location in Petworth!

This post is for all those agnostics out there. Now you have it – incontrovertible truth that God exists. I just received this note from a reader:

“I ran into the owner of Taqueria Distrito Federal this afternoon. He told me he’s opening a second location in…. drum roll please…. Petworth! He said it’ll be at the corner of Georgia and Kennedy, and he hopes to open in April.”

For those unfamiliar with Taqueria Distrito Federal simply read this great post from the Wilco ticket contest.

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  • Super sweet! Now the taco love can be shared with Petworth as well.

    I went there the other day, and I have to say it was genius as usual. And the horchata, also very very nice.

  • This is great!! With the Kennedy Street Revitalization efforts well under way (the Mayor’s Public Hearing on the plan will be held March 13th), it will so wonderful to have a restaurant in our area that is decent and worth going to. Very, very exciting!

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!!

  • Toby, AR – Funny – from your comments on the Target post, one got the sense you weren’t into locally owned businesses? Luis’ tacos aren’t part of a revitalization effort – he opened the first one in Columbia Heights way before the condo construction down at 14th and Park started.

    Guess the distinction for you is – if it’s a locally owned business I like, cool, if I don’t happen to go there, screw it?

  • it’s all about one’s own interest…im not going to eat at Simon’s take out which is on Georgia and Kennedy just to support local places…..i rather go to an asian bistro somewhere else in dc that’s nicer and yummier.

  • that area on upper Georgia is RIPE for development–i hope this restaurant helps!

  • is that area really petworth? i thought it was brightwood

  • Petworth goes north to Missouri Ave, so yes, still in the bounds…

  • Lester, my read was that Toby and AR were excited about the Target. that doesn’t mean they don’t like local businesses. I love Taqueria DF and Target an am sure I’m not alone. I picked to live in Petworth instead of Columbia Heights because I don’t particularly want to live NEXT TO giant development, but i’m very happy it’s there and it’s way better than those empty lots that sat there for decades. And yeah, I do agree that there are locally owned businesses that do and don’t serve the neighborhood, and people vote with their wallets.

  • Lester… not trying to speak for Toby or AR, but come ON. Life is too short to hold internet grudges. The world will be a happier place if we can walk freely and enjoy a locally made taco without fear of harassment or guilt trips.

    Distrito Federal is a great example of a local business that people are happy to patronize because it is… GOOD. What is wrong with that?

    I’d rather (and do) volunteer at an elementary school than patronize a shoddy business in the name of trying to make the world a better place.

  • Petworth really only goes to Kennedy (northern border) and Georgia (western border). Brightwood Park covers Kennedy to Missouri. Above that is Brightwood. Bottom line, though, is that it’s splitting hairs to worry about which neighborhood it’s in. Heck, if this place opens on the west side of Georgia, then it’s technically 16th Street Heights. Whether it’s Petworth, Brightwood Park, or 16th Street Heights, it’s great news to have a new restaurant option in that part of town. This will go great with the new Manny and Olga’s that’s supposed to open on 9th and Kennedy.

  • Lester, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal. The whole “you’re either with us or your against us” mentality that a lot of champions of independent businesses have can be more than a little off-putting.

    There are certainly a couple of stores that will be harmed by the presence of DC/USA, at least somewhat. But the fact of the matter is, the neighborhood and the city have a need for affordable retail that is not being met, and in the modern economy cannot reasonably be met without some presence of a national chain retailer. DC/USA has brought that retail to the city in an area that previously had few options, and it has done so in a way that is respectful of the needs of urban development and in a way that is causing reinvestment in a previously blighted area. Why in the world should we be automatically against that?

  • wow so im technically one block away from petworth…im in brightwood park with that damn autozone, which by the way is the BUSIEST business around. amazing how many people go there. AMAZING.

    but hey, im still walking distance from taqueria…woo-hoo!

  • That’s Brightwood – the Kennedy St is the southern boundary of Brightwood.

  • Uh, I never realized I said that I don’t like local businesses??? No, I in fact NEVER said nor meant to imply that I don’t like or frequent local businesses. And I don’t even think I need to post my local-business-support credentials, but here goes..I go to the icky local Safeway, I frequent El Torogoz, El Lime

  • is that area really petworth? i thought it was brightwood

    NOPE gets no respect.

    We have great things in NOPE. We’ve got a casket show room, one of the best reupholstry shops in greater DC, and Java and Cream. And we probably have a higher ratio of Chinese restaurants with bullet proof glass to actual Chinese people than any other spot in the country.

  • NICE, the north is getting hot!! Here is the link for the Kennedy revitalization plan: http://planning.dc.gov/planning/cwp/view,a,1285,q,641161.asp (my picture is in it 3 times) I’m looking forward to the tacos and when is Manny&Olga’s supposed to open? Also, about Java&Cream, are they still in business?? I tried to go twice and it was closed then I called and it said the number had been disconnected?? I hope they’re alright

  • java and cream has been closed since mid-dec….i dont know whats happening with them…they still have food in there, but theyre never open anymore. there are no signs indicating whats going on with the business either…. 🙁 they should try to keep going….lots of good things happening now. poor guys.

  • Too bad about Java and Cream. As a Kennedy St resident, I have to admit that I abandoned J&C when Lily’s Cafe opened on Colorado Avenue. Lily’s is probably the major reason for their demise – the west side of Georgia in this area is likely now frequenting Lily’s.

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