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  • Damn. That’s an awesome upgrade!

  • You know what would be awesome? If these renovators gave the names of their contractors – of course only if they recommend them. It isn’t often that you can get a contractor referenced with the before and after pics.

  • Yes, please! Can you recommend your deck builder?!? We need a new deck on top of an addition….

  • AMEN ANONYMOUS! and maybe ballpark pricing? is that rude to ask, just for reference sake?

  • Well done, looks good and pretty straightforward. A skilled DYI person might be able to pull that one off too. $3500 including materials and demo of the old one? 🙂 Could be more given the new door on the second floor. Wild guess.

    Anyway, the addition next door is “encouraging” to me as we are contemplating one and it appears to be ok to completely over-shadow your neighbors lot. 😉

  • GforGood, you optimistic underestimating you.. that’s probably more.. closer to $5k perhaps.


  • PoP
    you need to raise your standards man!

  • It appears there is ceiling fan installed in the underneath part…any idea PoP if they are making arrangements for seating out there? What’s the story?

  • I am very, very pleased with the end result of what was done to my property. I experienced a 3 year night mare from when I purchased the place until I finally bit the bullet to have the renovation completed. I had countless water drainage problems, etc.

    Though the $3500 figure is drastically lower (on the order of 7-8times) than what was paid, the company I hired was very professional.

    Ambris Home Construction – Ricardo Lindo – 202 359 5330. He and the other owner, Bernell, are fantastic guys that work with you to ensure you are happy with the project.

    If there are more questions, please let me know.

    As for the fan below, we built this with the idea that it may be closed off at some point to function as some sort of “utility” room. We have a basement that is currently only accessible from the rear of the house (look behind the deck stairs). Eventually we’d like to close it all off, but not finish it out, and a fan would be great during those times. Also, we hope that the fan can aide in keeping the mosquitoes away come summer.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask.

  • Over $20k for “just” demolishing the old shed, and putting in the second floor deck, door, and stairs? WOW! That does sound like a lot to me.

    Or was there more to the project/process than one can tell from just two pics?

  • The old “shed” was demolished, the entire concrete was excavated (including the stairs going to the basement), plans for the new deck and roof were drawn up and submitted to the district, and then everything was built.

    They also put in the fence along the side of the “yard” and put in a new gate from the alley (one wide for the car and another by its side for us to take trash out, etc). Attention was given to the fact that one day this might be enclosed and therefore it was built so that it could easily be closed off.

    The window at the upstairs was cut and a door and storm door were installed. A storm door was also installed to the basement.

    Drainage concerns and considerations were taken into account and power outlets were installed both up top (next to the newly installed door) and the bottom (for the fan, etc).

    I think it was probably a tad below market price considering I have had multiple quotes drawn up over the past two to three years. The bottom line is I finally had to bite the bullet and take care of the problem(s) – mainly water – and felt comfortable with the company I hired.

  • Looks like it was worth it to me – I’m sure with a great deck like that you’ll more than get your investment back. Great job.

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