Sneak Peek Inside Washington Nationals Stadium

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Don’t ask me how, but I somehow finagled my way into a VIP tour of the stadium today. Although it was pretty funny with me wearing a bright red flannel shirt surrounded by suits that cost more than my car. Anyway, it was pretty fresh. Now, I consider myself a pretty big Nats fan but growing up in New York, going to Yankees games, I would get goose bumps, and still do, whenever I walk into the stadium. I did not get any goose bumps in this new stadium. However, it is crisp and plenty beautiful. I got to visit the club house and locker room (unfortunately no pictures were allowed there.) I also got to walk through the bullpen and onto the field past the dugout all the way to home plate. And all I can say is, I am psyched for the season to start. The grass itself was incredible. It is Kentucky something or other and cost $1.7 million or something like that. The big screen tv above center field is truly gigantic. There was still a bit of final touches going on, you can see from the photo that they were still working on the pitching mound. I couldn’t find a Ben’s Chili Bowl sign but there were lots of other interesting food options (all oddly with goofy names like Senators Sausages and names like that.) There is one thing especially awesome about this stadium for us. It is on the Green Line! It is so easy to get here. It took me like 20 minutes to get to the stadium. Beautiful. It may be too late for me, but hopefully one day a future son of mine will get goosebumps upon entering. See lots more photos after the jump.

View from behind home plate.

Kentucky something or other grass looking pretty good.



Nats Version of Bleachers – The Red Porch

Ridiculous concession stand name.

Not all, but the good seats are cushioned.

Oddly a poster of Stan Musial who to my knowledge never played for the Senators.

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  • ohmigod I can’t believe how cool this is! You are totally awesome to get a front-seat sneak peak at the new stadium… I can’t wait for baseball season to start, I can practically smell the grass, hear the ball in the glove, and taste the ridiculously named nachos!

  • Ummm, with all the political scandals going around, is “Senators sausages” really the best name they could come up with. …ok, my mind’s in the gutter.

  • PoP, think “Senators Sausage, Senators Sausage” over and over when you are sucking on one of them at the game… You welcome, your heart will thank you for me spoiling your appetite! 😉

  • hey old internet friend…

    If it’s Kentucky grass – that would be called Bluegrass. (Poa pratensis)

    See also “The Bluegrass State”, Kentucky Bluegrass Music, Blue Grass Airport (LEX)

    Too bad its actually native to Europe not Kentucky – but still has a cool name and is ideal for real baseball grass.

    Cheers from West Africa

  • The reason you didn’t see a Ben’s stand…is because there is no Ben’s stand. The hot dog vendors sell “Ben’s Half Smokes” so the brand is there, but the stand is not. I can’t decide whether I should be disappointed or not.

  • Does Ben’s actually make those sausages or what’s the deal?

    Btw, I had a chili dog there once. Nothing special really IMHO.. was kinda disappointed.

  • Dude, you were at the Board of Trade event? You should have waved! (And it was way way cool.)

  • Thanks to a generous friend w/ a ticket package, I’ll be there Sunday night for the opener and can’t wait. I drove past the stadium a few weeks ago and it really is impressive from the outside…inside looks “dope sky” (whatever that POPism means). Can’t wait!

  • details about the opening are available here:

  • It bothers me that we (aka-the citizens of DC) are also footing the bill for Metropolitan Police to patrol the new environs on game nights. Apparently, this part of the agreement
    wasn’t made public until a day or so ago.. I have nothing against the team (though I havent been back since Frank Robinson was-ah-not asked back)-but I see this stadium thing as something else DC provides for our “friends” from the suburbs…. Ah, colonial life..

  • Every time I see it, (and I do daily because I work near Navy Yard), I am reminded of how the city’s elected officials can harness their collective energy to make something positive happen, in short order, and when it suits them. Everything else is too damn complicated to address in any type of meaningful manner.

  • Don’t the out of towners pay it back (the police force efforts) when they spend money on anything in DC…like tickets and food through tax?

  • Nice pictures and entry. I can’t wait to check the new stadium out.

  • Brian, there is a Ben’s stand, or at least there is supposed to be, on the third-base side. The carts throughout the stadium will also offer Ben’s items. Maybe it won’t be open in time for Sunday, but it is planned to be there.

  • But the idea of the stadium was that sales tax money would pay for maintaining libraries, rec centers, etc., that’s why we didn’t invest those millions in the services themselves. If the sales tax money is going to pay for extra police service and other costs the stadium generates, then the money will never make it to the services that need it.

  • The police provided extra security during games for the past 2 years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.
    Besides, who exactly is going to provide security otherwise? How is this any different from every other city that has police provide security at sporting events?

  • Manny Acta is a much better fit for this team than Frank Robinson was, Reuben. I understand Robinson’s importance to baseball (and America), but he needed to be replaced.

  • Markus-Guess I am just an old crank… I love Robinson .He was a big part of my attraction ( and I went to a total of 40 games in two years.) Enjoy…

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