Sitar Arts Center – What an Amazing Place

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The Sitar Arts Center is one of those places that just makes me you smile. You know when you just can’t bear to read the morning newspaper it helps to remember that places like this Center exist. Located at 1700 Kalorama Rd., NW, the Center was founded in 1998 but moved to this location in 2004. Originally an after school music program for inner-city children, the center quickly expanded, after the students asked for more, to include dance, art, painting, and creative writing. The Center is truly state of the art and partners with the Corcoran school of art + design, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington National Opera, Washington Ballet, Arena Stage and many others including a faculty of 120 volunteer teaching artists. I was fortunate to receive a tour from Development Associate, Adrianne Wegner. She told me that 80% of the students come from underprivileged homes in Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and other parts of the city. Activities the students participate in include dance, art, music, painting, digital media, theater and more. I’m not really doing the place justice you should check out the website above to learn more. For example the students don’t just get music lessons they also take classes in music theory. Awesome. Check out some photos of the amazing interior after the jump.

Recent artwork from some of the students.

Students make their own magazine covers.

Nice dance space.



Student art for sale.

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  • The Sitar Center is indeed fabulous. My church (Augustana Lutheran at New Hampshire & V) has had informal discussions with them about working together to benefit neighborhood kids. Thanks for the post — it reminded me to re-energize the discussions and see if we can come up with something.

  • This is a nice diversion from the work I should be doing. You’re right, it helps to be reminded places like this exist. Keep up the good work!

  • I’ve been a fan of the Sitar Center for years. They used to be housed in the basement of an apartment building on Ontario and I lived across the street (10 years ago). I’d see mopey kids come home from school and drop off their backpacks at home, then RUN to the Sitar Center with a smile on their faces – super excited to go. They’ve produced some really incredible art/music/drama over the years. If any of you are interested in finding a new non-profit to support and get involved in, I can recommend the Sitar Center.

  • My dream employer!

  • They also have adult classes in the arts, music, dance – I’ve taken belly dance there and the teacher is excellent. A wide range of ages and skill levels and a lot of fun

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