Shooting at Island Cafe on 800 Block of Upshur This Weekend

More bad news after the Truesdell elementary school shooting. This weekend there was a shooting at the Island Cafe. Apparently the Chief of Police has closed the Island Caf

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  • Crime is skyrocketing in this area –
    – Murder on Princeton Place, NW/Georgia that occurred on Monday March 10th
    – Suspicious death that occured on Park Road/Park Place on Tuesday March 11th
    – The 4 cars that were broken into on Princeton Place, NW on Thursday March 13th
    – Mob beating that occured on Warder/Quebec Place on Saterday March 15th.
    – Postal truck shot up at Warder and Park Rd on Saterday, March 18th
    – 13 car police chase last night on 5th (still trying to get details)

  • The shooting narrative (from the police database):



  • Details on the “13-car police chase” mentioned in the first comment (from the MPD 3rd District Yahoo mailing list):

    “PG County pursued a vehicle into the District due to a felony assault against an officer…this pursuit went thru the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th District and back into 1d and finally ended up in PG County with a bail out… MPD was not involved in this case”

  • These thugs are just pathetic.

  • I witnessed the mob beating over the weekend. It was insane. A posse of 15-25 young men were shooting a sort of makeshift video. The irony is that a real music video with equipment and all was shot in the same location just a few weeks prior. In any event, the posse congregated in front of the store and on the retainer wall across from the store at Rock Creek Church Road and Warder. You could sense that something bad was going to happen. Seriously.

    Out of no where the crew starts fighting in the Center of the Street. Then they bolted to Quebec. Minutes later they fled like roaches. One woman on her porch screamed across to another, “dey beat Leddie’s boy real bad, beat ’em out his shoes.”

    The kids that made up the posse are the ones we see everyday. The ones we want to help, but are afraid to speak to. God help us!

  • This place is closed on and off – most recently for a number of months. Based on this most recent incident, I would guess that there is a lot of illegal activity going on there. More than one incident in a business should at least warrant loss of liquor license.

  • Anonymous, maybe you should help them by reporting them to the police for beating a guy up?

  • Wow, crime is still rampant in CH and Petworth. I guess gentrification can’t come quick enough.

  • It is a shame that this has occured. Especially since the Beveragmania is so close! I have recently ventured out there to check it out and found that it is a very charming little ice cream, shake, coffee place. It is more of a pick up your drinks and go type place but while you are inside it is like you have gone to another world. You walk off the dirty street and right into this bright little shop with two of the nicest people running it. I don’t know but I think it is maybe a husband and wife team that run it. We love their Chocolate and Mango shakes. The first time we went they were having an open vote for your favorite ice cream flavors which they would be bringing in the top 10 to their shop. They have a ton of non alcoholic beverages too with the cutest names like “Safe Sex on the Beach”. Well maybe if the Cafe closes it will be safer to get shakes-one can only hope.

  • If they close a club where there has been a shooting, why not close a school where a gfrown man was shot to death? Seriously, how can the principal of this school not come under fire? Grown men reportedly hang out at this school daily. One gets shot and a bullets penetrates a school door. How can the principal not be held responsible for some of this if we hold club owners responsible?

  • I think it is a matter of enforceability… clubs, bars, etc have a district issued liquor license which can be revoked (effectively closing them down) until they are satisfied efforts are being made for safety.

    On the other hand, a school has more dynamics and ramifications. Shut it down? Where do all the kids go? What about the working parents, who need to have their kids in school? What happens with the teachers who are employed there? Do they not get paid? Some of the same could be said about a business but the over all effect on the community is far less dramatic. I do agree that principle should probably be reprimanded in some way but that is not really up to the police.

  • Well what if this restaurant had no liquor license? Would they still close it down pending an investigation? If the answer is no, then why punish one just because it has a liquor license? Unless the person doing the shooting was found to be intoxicated or that the restaurant was somehow negligent, I see no reason to close it down. But if negligence is alleged, I think we can reasonably say the school was negligent in allowing grown men to hang out at an elementary school.

    Taken even further, why are grown men hanging out at a school during school hours instead of working? I know I will get called a racist for even mentioning this…

  • I say close ’em down. They don’t have enough vegetarian options anyway!!!

  • Truesdell ES is a transformation school, that is, it hasn’t met AYP (adequate yearly progress) as stipulated by the No Child Left Behind federal law, for 5 consecutive years. So it is in deep doo-doo. As for its principal, I believe she will be out next school year, despite the fact that I know her to be a competent and committed educator. I don’t believe she knowingly allows grown men, who I agree should be out working, on her premises to hang around. They may hang around near the school, off school property. The shooting happened after school had let out, when there were kids in the building for the after-care program. I don’t think it’s a racist comment to say that grown men should be working. What I do know is that every illegal alien I know (and I know plenty) and I don’t care if the word is PC or not, has a job. I know unskilled illiterates who don’t spek a lick of English and they have jobs. Not glamorous jobs. But jobs.

  • ha! i went to the black cat on my birthday, i’m 38 with wisps of grey hair.

    my id was invalid as of my birthday (it expired on my bday), so i got a big stamp that said i couldn’t drink.

    i took a sip of my wife’s beer, and a staff member saw me and kicked me out.

    double standards by little kids that have no clue.

    i say close it down, or fire the little college dwarfs that portend to run the place.

    i wonder if they would have kicked out my grandmother.

    even as i was leaving, i saw 20 somethings gettin sick and falling asleep at the bar.

    i can’t believe the bush mentalitly has engrossed the youth of today.

    bye bye rock and roll.

  • A correction to my last statement about the Beveragmania, it is not a husband a wife team, but a sister brother team. Actually 2 sisters and a brother. I went there last night and thankfully they were already closed when the shooting occured this past weekend. I think if the Island Cafe is making it dangerous for honest businesses on that street than it should go. Should a place of business be held responsible for its patron’s actions? In this case I say yes! It brings in the wrong type of crowd and the worst type of situations came of it. Shut it down and bring in something else, something like the Beveragmania or Domku!

  • oh please with the “should be out working” crap. i support undocumented workers too but employers who hire undocumented workers can exert more pressure over them than us citizens who can assert their rights. stop buying into the idea that people can always find jobs if they try hard enough. there are rules and then there are exceptions to the rules.

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