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Dear PoP,

I have an interesting question of the day for you. With more and more
people putting their houses on the market I noticed that everyone is
trying to entice potential buyers to their place. I pass a house on
Hamilton Street (I believe the 600 block) when going to work. This block
has about 4 or 5 rowhouses up for sale and one of the real estate signs
has a little sign on top that says “Exciting Interior.” My question is
do these work? I mean would anyone see that sign, stop and think man I
better get in there to see that exciting interior? The house has been on
the market for a few months so I would say the exciting interior is not
helping the sale.

Maybe they just need a talking house…  So what are some effective marketing tools you’ve seen around town?  Or even better what are the worst marketing tools you’ve seen?

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  • At this point, your best ‘marketing tool’ is a fair price.

  • Well there is a road that cuts across Upshur near a church (between New Hampshire and Georgia Ave), there are about 5 houses all next to each other for sale with the same type of sale sign on it…I would think this is a bad idea. I personally wonder everything time I pass it, why did those 5 people all think it was a good idea to move? What is wrong with this block?

  • The new building at 15th & P (Metropole?) was advertising “luscious units.”

  • My favorite is “I’m gorgeous inside!” Usually on a house that is probably not.

    Miss K – the houses in a row all for sale are owned by the same person/company. They’re divided into condos …that’s why they’re for sale at the same time. They’re on 8th St between Upshur and Varnum. I’ve heard they are gorgeous inside (really).

  • Those are John Formant properties. He usually does a good job in the interior redesigns – very modern, open floor plans, etc. He has a lot of properties in the Petworth and Brightwood neighborhoods. I have no idea what he’s asking for those condos on 8th and Upshur, however. Anyone know?

  • Price for the condos on 8th off Upshur are:
    2Bed 2 and 1/2 bath $399K
    3Bed 2 and 1/2 bath $499K

  • A house not far was on the market for less than a month and I saw that it sold for in the low 400s. A year or so ago I bet it would have gone for 600+, as it is beautiful inside. Wonder if the new owners know what goes on on that corner late at night and sometimes in the middle of the day.

  • my favorite is for sale sign i one saw in old town alexandria it read something like:

    “honey, stop the car!”

  • There was a sign in front of a house on 13th and Park, around the corner from the Giant, that had a big sign that said “Champion Collection”. My husband and I decided that since they were having an open house we woud be lookey-loos…the house was nice, but the reason it was labeled “champion collection” wasn’t because it was awesome, it was because Diane Champion was the realtor. That made me laugh. But the house (although nice) was priced at 799k, with no parking spot. ouch!

  • Isn’t saying “I’m Gorgeous Inside” like when your friend says of someone they’re trying to set you up with, “she has a great personality?”

  • Toby –

    What does go on on that corner and in the middle of the day? ?

  • petworthliver- a little more hanging around than I like in the middle of the day (which means I can’t say it’s drug dealing, since I don’t have the proof, but it sure looks like it). oh, and the apartment building has all kinds of men coming and going at all hours; I’ve heard there’s prostitution going on.

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