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This is the funniest commercial I have ever seen. This commercial is not intentionally trying to be funny. But, well, just visit the Web site. There is some terrible background music so turn your volume down if you are at work.

Here’s a teaser from the Web site: “Anywhere… and you wanted to say Hello but just didn

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  • PoP–what were you up to to find that commercial? I dig the 70s music!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I saw it on tv. It is a real commercial but I couldn’t find it on you tube. So I googled it and found the Web site. Still not as good as the commercial but pretty damn close.

  • The videos are great…but $60 for a freakin’ bubble gum machine pin? Come on…

  • “…widely known as the king of disco…” actually stated about founder!

  • That is the best thing I have ever seen!! Thank you for making my morning.

    “It renders Internet dating obsolete!!” Incredible. This thing is more powerful than a pet rock.

  • i have one. it works! i get laid almost every day now.

  • “For Boomers to Generation X-ers to Yuppies etc., the Talk to MeTM Pin has been described as the “Hula Hoop

  • Oh wow. I can’t wait to someday maybe see someone wearing one….

  • I want a WTF? pin……….

  • This will never replace Internet dating. I am much better looking online.

  • I used to work for the guy selling these. He was the manager of the Yacht Club, an over 40 singles club in Bethesda (now defunct) and I was a cocktailer there about 17 years ago. He was the cheesiest then, and the cheesiest now. And let me tell you, even though I am getting to that age now, when you are 25,there is nothing more gross than watching 45 year olds get drunk, try to dance, and then hooking up in booths in the back of the room.

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