Quite a Pop Up.

IMG_7531, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Do you think it sucks walking up five flights of stairs? I’m undecided about this one. What’s your verdict?

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  • If those aren’t sunlights on the pop-up, then that monster may be 7 (seven?!) floors basement to top…gross.

  • I guess this a condo conversion. Who knows, maybe they even put an elevator in.. or an escalator.. now that would be seriously cool.. 😀

    Anyway, its not particularly pretty althought the grey color helps it blend with the sky especially on cloudy days, but then again no one walks on the street looking up all the time like you PoP.. hhmm.. no you walk with your nose up? 😉

  • This is/was the subject of a lawsuit between the neighborhood and the builder/developer. It’s referred to as the Belmont Tower and other than the folks who live there, I don’t know anyone in the neighborhood who likes it.

  • People were furious when this monster was built…from the back, you can see even better how much it sticks out from its neighbors.

  • Looks like the “cube” on top is ready to slide off backwards.

  • At least the pop-up isn’t tooo terribly out of character with the building it sits on, though I’m sure ti doesn’t mesh well with the block. Striking though just how cheap the building materials look. I don’t think that the ridged metal was a fashion statement so much as the metal version of plywood.

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