Prostitution Free Zone, It’s So Easy, Just Declare It

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We’ve seen some drug free zone flyers before but this is the first prostitution free zone I’ve ever seen. I found this flyer in the Shaw Logan Circle neighborhood off 12th Street. So, it’s pretty cool that a nice xerox can declare a zone drug and/or prostitution free. I hope they’ll print a few more out for litter free zones, double parking free zones, maybe murder free zones, hypocrisy free zones, etcetera etcetera…

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  • Maybe Eliot Spitzer was hanging around too much.

  • They should put one of these at the Mayflower Hotel.

  • Not to quibble, but according to the coordinates on the flyer, you found that in the Logan Circle neighborhood.

  • how come the sign was only in effect from feb 8 – feb 17?

  • I don’t understand these things (the drug free zones etc). Perhaps it has been discussed before, but can someone enlighten me? Isn’t it ALWAYS illegal to be “engaging in prostitution or prostitution-related offenses”?? What about these locations/dates/times/groups of 2 or more makes it especially more legal or prosecution-worthy?

    Could one person stand there yelling “sex for sale!” and have it be okay because it’s not a group of 2 or more???

  • I like that it expires – feel free to engage in prostitution now since it is after the Feb 17 deadline!

  • I do not know the exact law, but signs like the Drug Free Zones give the police the ability to arrest people for loitering. Typically Loitering is not illegal in DC, but apparently it is in a Drug free zone.

    So, judging by this sign, they have found that prostitutes typically congregate in groups of 2 or more and then to make things worse, they fail to disperse after being instructed to disperse.

    Basically this sign allows for police to arrest groups for not dispersing when instructed to disperse.

    Watch out all you non-dispersing prostitutes

  • I’m declaring my block a Zone-Free Zone.

  • There used to be a really nasty looking crack ho that would hang around Kansas and Georgia or Taylor, sticking her behind out at passing motorists. Haven’t seen her lately. Maybe she too is a victim of the gentification that’s taking over Petworth.

  • From what I understood, committing crimes in the whatever free zones carried heavier punishments than the same crime committed elsewhere.

  • From what I understand, committing crimes in the whatever free zones carry heavier punishments than the same crimes committed elsewhere. And Wikipedia seems to agree.

  • Toby,
    Was the woman you’re referring to really skinny and fairly tall with short hair?

  • OJ, I think so. What happened to her? Did she mend her ways?

  • These signs always make me laugh. If it was actually a drug-free or hooker-free zone, you wouldn’t think a sign announcing that would be needed.

  • Toby,
    She was living in a crack house nearby. The owner passed away (he lived there, too) and the property was bought by a neighbor across the alley who fixed it up, divided it into a number of apartments, and is renting it to Ethiopian immigrants. Apparently, said crack lady-of-the-night was set up with another apartment in the neighborhood and I still see her occasionally.

  • Dang, 12th and M just missed the cut…

  • u folks should be glad u don’t live near the H street corridor. as booming as it sounds, i have to call the cops on prostitues near K and 2nd NE every weekend. they never mention that problem in the stories about the up and coming area. just check this:

    yours truly….

  • I live right by there. I am glad they did that. One of the alley streets (either blagden or naylor ct) off of O btwn 9th and 10th has several used condoms littering the street…it’s gross and my dogs don’t understand that they should not try to eat them…

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