Prime Retail Space For Lease

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This is a nice spot between Home Rule and Pulp on 14th Street. What do you think is more likely to go in a restaurant or store?

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  • Isn’t that where the little Salvadoran market was? Gentrification strikes again. Kinda sad. I wish we could mingle the nice, yuppie places with the nice home grown places too.

  • sex shop.

    the only two i know of in dc are in georgetown. why can’t we bring in some of the amenities they get to have?!

  • @poo poo — you say what? there’s one or two on U street and two on Connecticut in Dupont.

  • pleasure palace is right on connecticut in dupont, not georgetown

  • a cafe/ restaurant would be nice in between those 2

  • i was just testing to find out which of y’all are a bunch of pervs!

    but seriously, a sex shop rental place (think “blockbuster videos”) would be pretty nifty and save you guys a lot of money! ;o)

  • poo poo – who buys or rents porn vidoes and dvds? That’s is old school! Why do you think they invented the internets and the google?

  • i was thinking of the stuff that uses batteries…..

    alltogether now: EWWWW!

  • Please, for the love of GOD, give me an Indian restaurant there. Dupont is just about too far for me to walk, to get a quick curry buffet fix, and the crowd at Ascot on L Street is a little too white-collar Nazi for me.

    So yes. Just a nice, humble, unpretentious curry-house with a reasonable lunch buffet, and a prawn vindaloo on the dinner menu.

    ……holy crap i’m mysteriously hungry now.

  • Yay to a cozy Indian Restaurant OR a Babes in Toyland.

  • something funky–you’ve got so many interesting shops on that block. adding another one would help to draw even more shopppers there….

  • come to think of it, why not a persian restaurant.
    there’s only 1 in dc…

  • How about a Kosher deli?

  • Fercryingoutloud we need a good creole/cajun resturant!
    One with good food and good N

  • The family that owns(ed) the market also owns several restaurants in the city and they own the building where the business was. They chose to close (I guess you could still chalk that up to gentrification). Owner is in discussions with a restaurantuer who owns a couple of other locations in the city.

  • yes! a kosher deli!

  • works for me! kosher is just about as good as halal, which suits my preferences just fine.

    i just don’t want a ‘haram’ joint to open up. there are already too many in the district.

  • Did Parkwood Person used to live in Seattle?

  • They got busted for selling beer to underage customers a few months back and have been closed ever since…

  • Yes.

  • How about a vegan or vegeterian restaurant? Lunch buffet?

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