People Own Boats in the City?

IMG_7086, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Is it for the Potomac or do people own boats and drive it out to the Bay?

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  • That boat NEVER moves! I walk my dog past it every single day, and I’d say that it’s been “missing” 2 days in the past 2 years.

    The guy has a fish finder, GPS, radio, etc all sitting up on the dashboard. Surprised that one one f’s with it….

  • what kind of permit do you have to have to park something like that? it was hell just to move my truck from va to dc, so i cant imagine for a boat… also, what about street cleaning? and is there ample parking around this house? the way parking goes on my street, someone would have unlocked the wheels on that trailor and pushed that boat into an intersection by now…

  • I think the owner is a policeman so that would make the permit easier for him to get in a shady way. On the rare occasion that this boat is put in the water, it probably goes to Gravelly Point (the park close to National Airport where people watch the jets take off and land). I used to have a horse trailer (always kept in VA) but I had to drag it into DC and get it inspected!

  • This boat belongs to our neighbor, and he takes it out on the Potomac and to the Bay. We don’t have much parking trouble in our block so I can say it hasn’t inconvenienced me. He’s a nice guy and a great neighbor. Among other things, he parks his police cruiser in a visible spot on our corner which is nice. Although it doesn’t seem to deter people from blowing through that four-way stop at 40 mph.

  • i see it both ways… just because you live in dc doesnt mean you shouldn’t be able to have boats, trailors, etc… but then again, i think about all the stupid hummers, escalades, and every other vehicle filed under ‘why the hell are you driving that in the city’, and it sort of pisses me off to see this whole parade taking up half a block of parking.

  • i just moved to petworth and have passed that boat a number of times, always wondering if it ever sees the water… great info, great blog!

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