Nightclub Rules

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I can deal with not wearing a cap or baggy pants or sneakers but if I can’t wear my bandanna then this is no nightclub for me…and where are all the Target bartenders going to go?

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  • Ladies 18 – Gentlemen 21 ~ WTF is that?

  • i know, right?

    they should lower the ladies’ age to at least 16!

  • I hope no other place has a list of rules like this.

  • ugh, girls18/boys21 just seems like a recipe for date rape… ive never understood how it can be legal to have underage girls (who are probably drunk from pregaming) coming into an establishment with older men who are probably there looking for them… dont get me wrong, i dont think every guy wants to band a drunken college girl, nor does every college age girl go to clubs drunk with loosened inhibitions, but come on… also, is it weird to anyone else how the characters in the ‘what not to wear’ drawings are so happy and full of life?

  • this reminds me a little of the upscale bowling alley down at gallery place…. what i mean is that the dress code is somewhat similar….

  • this reminds me a little of the upscale bowling alley down at gallery place

  • do they frisk you at the bed bath and beyond (or whatever) in “china town”? it’s right next door.

    that bowling alley is a chain, and it’s trying really hard to attract folks that want to be in the pages of US magazine.

    it’s a joke.

    hit the pool joint across the street. it’s still ‘wanna be’, but better.

    better yet check out, if you want to see a blog that caters to idiots. they have a great review of the area’s joints. and a bunch of hilarious posts about that part of town. it’s really funny to read the stupid posts, and the even dumber comments.

    check it out, and you’ll have even more respect for the PoP.

  • Ok, it’s pretty easy to determine if someone is violating most of those rules, but what is the criteria for whether one’s pants are too baggy?

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