Location of Second Taqueria Distrito Federal

tdf2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader and new Petworth resident for sending me this photo.

She writes: “I just moved to Petworth about 10 days ago, and yesterday I passed the new location for Taqueria Distrito Federal – 805 Kennedy, so a block or so off Georgia. Here’s a picture. I’m excited! Never eaten there before, but it’s just a couple blocks from where I live and on my walk home, so… won’t be long!”

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  • This is great news!! Anything new on Kennedy St. is welcome!! Our Ward is in the process of revitalizing Kennedy St. right now. There was a planning meeting just last night.

  • esteban. i ended up working late (ah, washington)-and missed the meeting. did you go? and can you give me the gist of what took place? thanks.

  • esteban. i ended up working late (ah, washington)-and missed the meeting. did you go? can you give me the gist of what took place? thanks.

  • Reuben, I didn’t go — I only heard about it that day. Sometimes they post the notes on the web. I would check planning.dc.gov.

  • Cute building. It’s got real “curb appeal” potential.

  • With the Manny and Olgas, Taqueria, Meridian (up the street) Indoor dog park and future retail center… this area is about to explode. Housing is still cheap.

  • Is it El Salvadorian or Mexican……God please say Mexican.

  • kennedy street fan, i hope you are right!

  • mexican food, much like the type you get in LA from taco stands….tasty. the owner is from el salvador i believe.

  • Yes, and his wife is Mexican. I read that he tries to be typically authentic in his Mexican dishes. And what’s wrong with Salvadoran? Those who have read my comments before know that I am El Salvador’s number one fan, from the people to the food.

  • Salvadoran food is great. Salvadoran’s a great. But Salvadoran’s do not do great Mexican food. (Koreans don’t do good Japanese food either. Although, they are forced to attempt it by the vulgarities of the market.) And Salvadorans can’t do taquerias. Sorry, it doesn’t hold a candle to a California taqueria.

  • All except the FMLN.

  • sorry nestor, this is the original anon poster that referenced the owner being from El Salvador…you’re incorrect. i was just there and read their framed articles.


  • he’s from el salvador

  • christopher…it’s the closest thing we got to the california taquerias though….

  • I knew I had read that he was from El Salvador, Mr. Marroqu

  • Nothing is wrong with El Salvadorian.

    I just have four El Salvadorian resturants within walking distance.
    I want some good solid mexican food…like from mexico!

  • This is different than Salvador restaurants cooking mexican food. It is very authentic (or so my mexican husband tells me) but I agree there are better taquerias in the world. but it’s the best we’ve got in DC (maybe a close second is the one run by johnny’s half shell by union station) and when we crave tacos that’s where we go.

  • Great. Thanks for the info.
    Especially thanks for the tip on Johnny’s.

  • There is a reason that there are so many Salvadoran restaurants in the DC area: Washington is the new home of hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans. They started coming here in the early 70s and paved the way for streams of relatives and friends and neighbors from their villages. The civil war of the 80s and the easier immigration laws kept the flow of people pouring into DC. They got jobs in our big tourist industry (hotels and restaurants) and many have opened their own places. Moroni Brothers, El Lime

  • Did anyone make it to the Kennedy Street improvement meeting the other night? I was interested but didn’t make it. Curious to hear the next steps…

  • yes!! i love this place. awesome burritos and tostas, but i love it best because i can get a cow tongue burrito. i know you’re probably making a funny face, but you can imagine how few places actually serve cow tongue. man was i so happy when i they finally translated their menu into english and i realized they had cow tongue!

    ok, so don’t let yourself be turned away because i said cow tongue so many times. they actually are a great place to go for beef, chicken, goat burritos, tostas, and tacos and i’m glad they’ve chosen to come to petworth.

  • The owner told me that he is Salvadoran, but lived in Mexico City for a long time before coming here…I presume that’s where he met his wife. His tacos are AWESOME. Just like Mexico City, and certainly 1 of the best in the city.

  • El Torogoz also has cow tongue tacos….

  • My husband is Central American. I will ask him about cow tongue tacos (tacos de lengua de vaca). It may sound nasty, but I grew up in an Askenazi Jewish home eating beef tongue. It was great. But in a taco? I’m not sure…

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