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  • I can’t post in the forums (yet) but I strongly recommend contacting Christina Wilson at Renaissance Development. They are pretty much exclusively masons. We had her out to look at our masonry and she gave us a really thorough, whole house consult. She’s a PhD in architectural history and she knows a lot about the houses in the area. She showed us what we DIDN’T need to worry about, and gave us a reasonable quote on the stuff we did need to do. When we do the tuckpointing on our back wall, I’m definitely hiring them. Check out their web site at rendevdc.com.

  • Thanks – both for the recommendation and linking my question up front!

  • I second the recommendation for Christina and Renaissance. We used them to fix our home’s crumbling front stairs, install a brick walkway, and do some tuckpointing. They were VERY professional and didn’t kill any of my plants that were inches away from where they were working. We would hire them again.

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