New Advertising in the Metro

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Have you seen some of the support beams they’ve painted with ads in the metro? This one is from Gallery Place and is an advertisement for M&T Bank. I guess I say more power to metro if they can get money for these ads. The only request I’d have in return is PLEASE MAKE THE YELLOW LINE EXTENSION PERMANENT. Please.

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  • Are there any groups/petitions/dedicated websites for permanently extending the yellow line?

  • Is it painted or shrink-wrapped? I would think painted would be a pain. Think about repainting every month for new advertisers as opposed to ripping off the shrink wrap and re-wrapping. Just a thought.

  • Whatever happened to the proposal for the Blue Line diversion to Greenbelt during rush hour?

  • Saw these yesterday evening. Definitely shrink-wrap.

    I prefer these to those bizarre flip-book things in the tunnels.

  • @POP
    ~ Yellow Line Extension
    There are signs up in Petworth explaining Yellow line off-peak service. Though emails to your counsel member expressing support for the yellow line never hurt.

  • Richard, the Yellow Line extension was an 18 month trial, advocated by Jim Graham (Ward 1 Councilmember) It could be revoked at the end of June, though I highly doubt it will happen.

  • When do we get our pillars turned into coffee being poured into Dunkin Donuts cups, ala Logan Airport?

  • How about more ads and lower metro fares??? like most other major metropolitan subway systems… I wouldn’t mind having something to look at, anyway.

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