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  • When is Colorado kitchen moving to Silver Spring?

  • they are moving from brightwood?! or opening a 2nd location? that would suck if they leave.

  • this was on the Chowhound website:
    “the owners of Colorado Kitchen are taking over the General Store by the Forest Glen Seminary and are turning it into a carryout and pub”

  • let’s hope that’s just a 2nd location, and does not involve moving the restaurant from colorado avenue. how can you call it “colorado kitchen” if it’s not on colorado avenue?

  • I’m fairly certain this is just a second location – the original restaurant will remain in brightwood…

  • hmm – my understanding is that the owner of the building is building up 4 stories and will need to close the businesses in the bottom for 4-6 months and that CK couldn’t operate under those parameters

  • It is a second location. No worries.

  • I am a little bit confused when I read reviews of Colorado Kitchen–some say it is located in Petworth–some in Brightwood. I would say it is located in 16th Street Heights.

  • i think that happens because it’s so close to the border of petworth, brightwood, and 16 st heights.

  • It’s Brightwood. And yes, it’s close to all three.

  • Crap! I’ve just had an emotional roller coaster ride from the Meridian web site! First I was angry at all of the flash, then I started falling in love with the Easter brunch menu, then I saw that it was $40, and became angry again.

    Is there something wrong with me that I think that a row house in DC going for 450K is fair, but that a $40 brunch is insane??

  • With regard to the location of Colorado Kitchen (on Colorado, north of where it crosses Kennedy and 14th), I think we should name that small strip of shops ‘Colorado Corner’.

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