Neat Neighborhood Find: Eco-Green Living

IMG_7171, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well, Church Street has turned out to be a pretty cool street. How come nobody told me earlier? Eco-Green living is located at 1469 Church Street. The store offers, you guessed it, eco-green living options. You can get organic coffee, organic clothes, eco-countertops, bamboo floors, eco-insulation, some pretty nice eco-toilets and lots more. Check out more photos after the jump.

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  • I love Eco-Green! I’ve gotten two Sola Tube skylights and found a great contractor through them! Last time I was there they had plans to expand… I’m not sure if that’s in the works, but I would be really excited.

  • You’ve found The Greater Good on U Street, no? In the old pet store location across from the firestation? Similar concept a lot less gift stuff, though. Really, really nice people in there. I bought some Christmas gifts from them.

  • I am all for green living, but I was a little underwhelmed by this store. I guess I am waiting for the day when organic products and recycled materials cost less than the alternative, and am not willing to pay way more. In the meantime, I guess it’s more environmentally friendly to buy nothing.

  • Having shopped at both stores and found both to be great additions to our ever-growing list of ‘enlightened’ merchants, I’m skeptical, however, about their long-term viability. I’m not convinced that people are motivated enough to make a special trip to purchase environmentally friendly liquid soap. One possible solution might be for stores such as these to partner with one of the local grocery stores and sell their products during the time that most people purchase such items. People would be much more likely to throw a few green products into their cart (despite a higher price), than to make a special trip. I hope I’m wrong.

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