My New Favorite House Numbers

IMG_7514, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What style is this called? Very simple but elegant kind of like this new guppy I just bought.

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  • I’d call it Arts and Crafts (aka Craftsman or Mission), derived from 19th century British style. That mixture of the straight lines and the curvy, flowy numbers is a hallmark of the style. There is very little Craftsman architecture in DC (you see it more commonly in free-standing bungalows in the South), so I’d love to see what the rest of the house looks like!

  • Id actually call that bordering on Art Deco style. I love it though! Good find…i wonder if the owner would be willing to share who the crafts-person was. Im trying to convince the wife that we should put up stained glass there…and showing her more cool examples can only help the cause!

  • is it 1731 or just 73?

    sorta confusing to my lil’ noggin.

  • I would guess Art Deco.

  • at first glance, the 3 looks like a 5 to me

  • I think it’s 1731.

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