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  • Who’s that supposed to be sitting in Lincoln’s chair?

  • I like that. Where is it located?

  • It’s above a business called Planet Chocolate City on Georgia Ave, south of the Petworth metro

  • Also check out similarity to the cover of Parliament’s 1975 album Chocolate City, pic on Wikipedia

    from the article:

    The album takes its name from the term “Chocolate City,” which had been used to describe Washington, D.C. where blacks had been becoming a majority through migration (as explained in the cover notes included with one recent CD release of the album). The term had been used by Washington’s black AM radio stations WOL-AM and WOOK-AM since the early 1970’s to refer to the city. Bobby “The Mighty Burner” Bennett, a DJ on WOL, told the Washington Post in 1998 “Chocolate City for me was the expression of D.C.’s classy funk and confident blackness.”[3]

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