More Fun With Facades

IMG_7650, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks again to another reader for alerting me to this wild home. The reader described it as: “The facade of the house, including porch, is standing, but there is literally nothing behind it. It’s like a wild west set.” So I could understand keeping some bigger building facades but what’s the rationale for keeping this standard looking house’s facade? Check out some different angles after the jump.



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  • i saw that house (up on K street NE, if i remember), and loved the “DO NOT ENTER” spray painted on the front. it’s just so….ironic, i guess.

  • That’s Irving Street NW, not far from Intangible HQ. It had been a dead house for ages. They tore down the guts of it just a few weeks ago, left the facade… I thought we might see some further action on it but all work on the place has stopped…

  • Is that a historic district? In Mt. P. there would be no way the renovation would get approved unless the facade was saved. On person over here tore off their front porch and the city made him rebuild it. Shows that doing thing without a permit are at your peril.

  • Well, I’ve seen this one from the front, but never from the back before! Love the radiators. I think Intangible has the most updated info above…

  • It’s an interesting specimen; Most of that block was built in 1915: maybe this one, being detached & different style, is much older? I’ve been meaning to crawl around it with camera for a while. Scooped once again by the Good Prince!

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