Looking Glass Lounge Gets New Chef and New Menu

Looking Glass Lounge (LGL) has hired Andy Adam Stein as its new head chef. (Ed. note: I will have an interview with Andy in the coming week or so.) I did get to take a peek at the new dinner menu this morning. Some new choices include Cast Iron Tuna ($15), Grilled Salmon ($17), 140z Pork Porterhouse ($12), Grilled Flat Iron Steak ($16), 1/2 Rack Baby Back Ribs ($15), Brick Chicken ($11), Peel & Eat Shrimp ($7), Nicoise Salad ($11) and lots of sandwiches including the great Black Angus Burger ($8), and other light fare including chili. Pretty, pretty cool.

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  • Wow..this is great news! It might seem pricy, but thats really not bad if its quality food – something we need more of on Ga Ave!

  • no veggie options? This sucks. I need to send them an email.

  • Can they get some new waitstaff, too? Every time my husband and I have been there, the service has been horrendous. Truly awful. I want so badly to like this place – and we really used to, when service was slow but nice – but it’s just gotten worse and worse.

  • Anonymous, where is your proof that there are no veggie options?

  • We ate there on the night they unvailed their new menu. The ribs and the pork porterhouse were what we had. Fantastic! We liked it so much we will definately still be regulars to the place.

  • ate there last night and had a veggie burger. kinda dissapointing. the old version of the veggie burger (during temperance times) was a handmade patty that had some good size to it. last night’s version was ok tasting, but was definitely a frozen patty (a la morning star or something like it). hoping they can improve on this…..

    i was impressed by the new selection on the menu (they have hushpuppies!). will have to check out something new next time.

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  • According to Will the bouncer, there are new veggie options (I asked when I walked past the other night) but I have not seen the menu and can not confirm.

  • They do have some veggie options. However, the ‘older’ veggie burger was the best by far. The new one is basically just the round-the-mill garden burger. The Veggie chili was nice. But that said, Matt and Rose are good business people. If enough people ask, I’m sure they’ll bring it back.

  • everytime i step into ‘the looking glass’ i tell them that we miss their homemade veggie burgers which were soooooo good. now they use frozen burgers and sell them at the same price! what a rip! PoP please tell them to bring back their homemade vegan burgers… i don’t eat there anymore because of the lack of veggie ops.

  • can we have seperate seating for veggie people?

    i hate the way the smell of their food wafts over my porterhouse steak.

    if we could just give them and their TEVAs a seperate space, i’d appreciate my food a little bit more.

    thanks for listening, matt and rose!

  • PLEASE tell me they still have their garlic fries on the menu. Do I also need to mourn the loss of their $5 grilled cheese? Misty watercolor memories, I guess…

    Was there for brunch yesterday. French toast is no longer made with challah bread…oy vey.

  • oh yay the prices are going up…

    service better get improved too though i think a new chef could help solve come of the overall slowness problems. i guess time will tell.

  • just to clarify there are still veggie choices and garlic fries I didn’t copy the entire menu just a sample. PoP

  • amen poo poo!!! i’m starting to think i’m the only carnivorous capitalist PoP reader…i’m not a fan of bikers because the one’s i run into don’t follow the rules of the road, i’m not upset that indie businesses aren’t really a part of the large developments (DCUSA, et al) because I know it’s not economically viable, and finally, i am SOOOOOO tired of people constantly bitching about vegan or vegetarian options in every bar and restaurant (this doesn’t include the veggie burger change at LGL because that’s a quality bitch, not a non-veggie bitch)

    there, i ranted and feel better…please feel free to tell me how much of a jerk and how wrong i am

  • well, i’m not a vegetarian but i really enjoyed the temperance veggie burger as an option. i was hoping that it would be the same thing when i went last night, but was let down when i realized it wasn’t. no need to feel like you’re special because you’re a carnivore, dcres. a lot of us are. it’s just that some of us also like to venture out to other food options once in a while. you should try it.

  • Oh, I have ventured. I my most humble of opinions, tofu might be the most disgusting thing on this green earth. Even the word tofu makes me want to puke. Ugh…I just gagged.

    I’m not against it either. I’d like to think that everyone would have options at the restaurants in the neighborhood, but people bitch about it IN EVERY POST!!! PoP could say somebody has a nice porch and somebody would cooment, “yeah, but there aren’t enough vegetarian options.” I’m starting to think it’s an automated thing or even a conspiracy by the plant-eaters to annoy everyone so much that they’ll break down and provide veggie options just to end the pain!

  • I would concur with separate seating for the vegan/veggie crowd…that type of far also results in other “emanations” that can woft through out the restaruant. Either that or offer Beano as an appetizer.

  • POP–can you post the owners’ email address so we can ask them to bring back veggie options? i’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like veggie burgers, and i’ve got friends who aren’t vegetarians who occasionally want to eat something that’s not meat.

    why is it so hard to come up with creative vegetarian options??!! i ate at meridian last week and they’ve got a wonderful vegetarian plate of the day. and lots of other places are able to think of things to do with vegetables.

  • Vegetarians always like to have some whine with the restaurant postings.

  • So anonymous, go to those “lots of other places” for your veggie options. If you go to LGL, know you’re going there for the bar, not the food.

    I will say that it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who notices the vegetarian thing.

  • i really don’t understand why you people are so opposed to having options on a menu. have you been threatened with death by someone who chooses not to eat meat? why do you feel so insecure? it seems to me that having options is the way to go. if someone doesn’t feel like eating meat one day, or has a health condition that makes it inadvisable, do they have to stay home? is it mandatory that you order meat in a restaurant? noone is saying this place should be strictly vegetarian, and most places do offer choices of salads, vegetarian sandwiches, quesadillas, etc, and some really creative chefs can do great stuff.

  • No, I’m not that insecure about meat. I’m just tired of every 3rd comment going “well the steakhouse was nice inside and all, but PLEASE ADD SOME VEGETARIAN OPTIONS”.

    By the way, if you haven’t guessed, I’m insecure about having the last word. I’m now going to go home and gnaw on some raw meat.

  • this isn’t a steakhouse though, this is a local bar. And as a local bar it should cater to the locals who go there, which is apparent from the comments, want a good veggie burger. What’s so horrifying about wanting options that we can actually eat? It’s just good business to cater to diverse populations.

  • Ugh…apparently not eating meat disrupts reading comprehension. DCres is saying he’s tired of hearing people constantly bitch about the supposed lack of veggie options. That’s all. You can have your stupid veggie burger.

  • I have been a true regular for 3 years – since it opened. I hate the new name and the new menu! I had the food on the first night and everything was BURNED and did not taste good. And you can still get the grilled cheese – just request it ‘the Temperance way.’ It will cost more – but it tastes the same. Except when they burn it. Anyway, it’s still Temperance Hall to me until the name on my cc receipt says differently!

  • I don’t understand what all the vegetarian crying is about. Can’t the vegetarians read??? PoP says that he only listed some of the new menu options he didn’t say that’s all there was. Most bars in this country have vegetarian options and so does Looking Glass/Temperance.Grilled cheese = vegetarian, fries= vegetarian, house salad = vegetarian, veg of the day = vegetarian, vegetarian chili= vegetarian, veggie burger= vegetarian, brunch = lots of vegetarian options, And there are others. So yes I agree there should be options but people should take the time to read the facts before ranting on and on

  • I was there on Fri night

    The food was great

    I loved having dogfish on tap and I also tried a single malt from VA that was very good

    Only problem was our drinks where empty much of the time and the food seemed to take forever, but again it was very good once it did come out

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