Let’s Rate Marvin Again

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When Marvin first opened I’d say in general people loved it. Recently I’ve been starting to hear from some folks that it is too crowded and/or has lost some of its initial shine. So now that it has been open a few months has your opinion changed at all?

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  • Just another over priced lounge with a bunch of posers…Nuff said….

  • I have yet to go, which is shameful, I know. But I’m more likely to check it out if I imagine it was named for the Paranoid Android, and not Mr. Gaye.

  • I went to Marvin’s for the first time about a month ago. There were a lot of people. When I talked to some of the people there (folks I didn’t know), they were nice, so I don’t have a problem with that. Our dives in north DC have a more laid back disposition, but the people at Marvin’s were nice. I would check it out again.

  • Not happy with that place. I tried for 20 minutes to order a drink at the downstairs bar and the bartender just ignored me, only filling orders for the waiters and then resting every few seconds to take a nice long sip of her own drink. She sucked. Upstairs was a bit better service, but it was just too crowded to be enjoyable.

  • Loved it (mostly the roof deck, but also the DJs and some of the beers) when it first opened. It’s too crowded now and I don’t go any more.

  • I was there a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Had dinner with three others, place was crowded but the service was very nice and I liked the menu a lot good mix of bistro and southern. I think the Post food critic likes it as he has been suggesting it recently in his Weds discussions on line.

  • Agree with all, great place, has gotten too crowded. Places like this and Cork (another fantastic new wine bar with great food) just show that there is still a huge market in D.C. for places with (a) relaxed, cool atmosphere, (b) great food and wine at (c) moderate / non-exhorbitant prices.

  • Like it for dinner, great atmosphere and food. Not so much for brunch, too dark and limited menu selection (although I haven’t tried the roof deck). Prices a little on the high-end, but not exorbitant.

  • i go to the roofdeck for drinks…crowded, but fun for me. cute bartender with rocking sideburns.

  • Hey Intangible.. What’s wrong with naming a joint after Marvin Gaye? of course, I’d rather have a world with Marvin G. still in it, but…..

  • Went there in mid-Dec. Good atmosphere, good beer, poor service from waitstaff. Never thought it was that great, except for the beer.

  • Reuben: Nothing wrong with M.Gaye whatsoever… I’m not as hip to his music as most folks, but I love the un-pretentous & minimal vibe of the name, for a bar.

    But you see, Marvin the PA was, like, practically a spiritual leader of mine during teenage years. When Channel 26/WETA broadcast the BBC version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide in the ’80s, man, Marvin became the second-best effing character in TV history…

  • Having worked for those guys back during the early days of the Lounge and Dragonfly, I’ve come to the conclusion that the scene will never be the same again. It’s become very homogenized and seems to be overrun by frat boys and sorority girls (no offense). Marvin by no means corners the market on that sort of crowd — it’s everywhere in DC during the weekend. Best bet is to avoid all mainstream places Thur-Sat. Dive bars will always be a better bet.

    Anonymous, I’ll be sure to tell the bartender with the sideburns of your flattering remark during our upcoming trip to Reykjevic, Iceland.

  • dczslimmest, it’s anon again…i luv him (Sideburns)….i was sitting at the bar when some lame guy was upset about the beer prices and then all of a sudden claimed that Sideburns gave him incorrect change. Lame Guy was a jerk and I loved the way Sideburns kept his cool….such a badass.

  • Agreed that its best to avoid the place thurs-sat. In fact, its best to avoid most places in DC during those days. i went on a wednesday nite and had a great time.

  • I agree with DCzSlimmest – frat boys abound. So boring. Leering frat boys who smoke on the roof, too crowded to dance, and the bouncers have the BIGGEST chip on their shoulder. I’m over it, and so are my friends. I did just discover Cork, though…and loved it. Feels like the Village if you don’t face 14th St. 🙂

  • I like it. Fantastic scallops in a buttery leek sauce. Good mussels, although I wish they had a more classic Mariniere option (the closest they get is one with bacon, and I don’t dig the fennel in the other option with white wine). Haven’t had any issues with the service aside from it’s a little slow at the bar. The bartender downstairs, Jake, is quite nice and remembers faces, which is a good quality for a place hoping to build up regulars. Getting a drink at the upstairs outside bar when it’s packed is…nearly impossible.

    Oh well. I’m glad they’re in the neighborhood. Wish they’d shave $2-3 off prices, but I guess they’re what the market can bear.

  • I avoid the place on weekends. Second most of what’s been said. Clearly the door guys/bouncers are assholes, but then again, isn’t that expected? That said, I would go there for food and drinks on a weeknight and I love their scallops. Expect better service on the first floor. In sum, as long as you’re not looking to get smashed and hook up and actually appreciate the food, it’s a nice addition to the U street corridor.

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