Let’s Play Good Deal or Not?


This is beautiful rowhouse is located at 2020 15th Street. It is a one bedroom/one bathroom basement apartment for sale which looks pretty posh from the flier and is going for $420,000. I guess this is a bit of hard game since I haven’t posted the inside pictures so just humor me and imagine it is perfectly renovated. Is $420,000 a reasonably price for this sweet location even though its a basement?

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  • i remember when that house was just a shell. glad to see that it’s been fixed up!

  • I’m confused. It’s JUST the basement that’s for sale? $420 K for a ONE BEDROOM BASEMENT! That is absolutely outrageous! For the entire house, that would be sweet. But you can get a 2 or 3 bedroom condo at that price, so unless it’s the biggest one bedroom basement ever, I’d say ‘Kiss my arse”.

  • No way; that would average out to almost $1.8 million for the whole building. Nothing in that price range is selling around U street. The house next to me (arguably a more desirable location with parking and better metro access) has reduced multiple times and is down to $1.1

    I know the sum is worth more than the whole, but not by 40%

  • Holy hannah that’s a lot for a basement condo!! I guess everyone has their pros and cons for a given housing situation, but I’d rather spend just a little more and buy a small house. And with a house you don’t have a condo fee either. You can definitely get renovated houses around here for under 500K still.

  • More photos here: http://homes.longandfoster.com/Real-Estate/PropertyDetails.aspx?MlsNumber=DC6657158&MlsCompanyId=2&FromParnter=true

    I rented in a basement and found it nice most of the time, soul crushing other times. The patio looks pretty sweet though.

  • I met a guy that bought a basement condo in Col Hgts for 500K. I thought that was outrageous. And it is for me. But for people with the money, 420K may seem like a bargain.

  • NO WAY is it a good deal. Basement living will suck your soul and I can’t imagine anyone would actually chose to own one.

  • Terrible deal. MAYBE worth 350K to the “I refuse to live north of Ust” person.

  • Oh wait, that IS north of Ust.

    Horrible deal.

  • door to patio through bedroom is a bad way of living. I know. I did it for a couple years. No way is that a good deal. Also, kitchen seems small.

  • Hmmm.. makes me wonder how much I could sell our basement apartment for.. 🙂

  • wow! that’s crazy. basement living is def. soul crushing. no way i’d buy below ground.

  • puh-lease! altho the house itself is v. nice.

  • hell to the no

  • they sellers most likely don’t expect to get that much. they expect to pay 10k for closing costs and get a contract for less than full asking price.

  • uh uh, no way, no how, no time. if i’m spending 400 large you better give me at least one sunbeam.

  • I’d say ‘NO’ — one can get a 2 BR for that in several decent neighborhoods in the District.

  • This is location. My partner and I paid a little more than this for a four bedroom three and a half bath rowhouse in Petworth and are loving it for location, quality of life, close to everything (we moved from Mt. Pleasant). DupULogan has its advantages but it’s nice to live a little outside that beltway.

  • No thank you. I bought a sweet top level one bedroom unit for 197000. Why the hell would I pay 420,000 to live in someone’s basement?

  • “I’m a hipster”.

    I wouldn’t be advertising that….

  • What’s even more interesting here is that the Long & Foster site linked above doesn’t even mention that this is in a basement! As ridiculous a the asking price is, I’m sure it will prove the old sayings:
    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” and “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  • Very lovely. But hell no. And they’re stretching it by saying it’s in Dupont.

  • I live in a 9 unit condo building in Logan Circle. The approx. 800 sq. ft. one bedroom basement unit in our building sold for $340k in November 2006. This unit also has a back patio and a parking spot right outside of his gate. Neighborhood-wise, our building is right near 14th St., 3 blocks from U, and less than a mile from Dupont or Adams Morgan. So now that the market has peaked and ebbed, I can’t see a comparable home being priced much higher than $380. The other thing is that, though PWorth is getting a lo of respect and new buyers, I think it’s still fair to say that Logan in considered by real estate folks to be more highly valued/desirable neighborhood (for those who have he money to buy Logn homes). So, no you should not be paying that much for a one bedroom, and you really shouldn’t be paying that much in PWorth.

  • Forgetting the real estate pricing, you have to be really careful choosing a basement apartment or condo. Again, in my very lovely very clean building, we had a major issue with bug and rat infestations working their way inside through the basement patio doors. We also had a very large special assessment charged against all of the owners so that major problems with side yard storm drainage could be repaired in order to eliminate the indoor wading pools summer storms always brought to th basement dwellers. College friends of mine further confirmed that moisture is a huge issue in English basements when, at the end of a summer internship here, they discovered that between Memorial Day and Labor Day their luggage was overcome by black mold as was anything else they stored within closets. Paying $420 is quite a risk if you might end up having to mitigate moisture and vermin issues.

  • You can buy a 3 bed, two bath row house on the unit block of Crittenden St, NE, with a short walk to Ft Totten Metro for around $375K. Place needed minimal work. That’s a deal. A basement condo for $450K is not!

  • Re: 14th and You @12:46AM

    “The other thing is that, though PWorth is getting a lot of respect and new buyers, I think it’s still fair to say that Logan in considered by real estate folks to be more highly valued/desirable neighborhood. So, no you should not be paying that much for a one bedroom, and you really shouldn’t be paying that much in PWorth.”

    PoP listed the property as being located at 2020 15th St. So that’s right on U Street and (obviously) one block from 14th. I think you must of assumed that any sampling PoP gives us is from Petworth – but that’s not always the case.

    For the record, I do think that price is high. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if parking isn’t included.

  • where’s the place near the Ft Totten metro–is there a listing?

  • Anon, Pretty sure there is a litsing. There are actually two on the street with signs right now. Both are on the north side of the street. The one I mentioned is actually on North Cap. It is at the corner of North Cap and Crittenden, the other is mid way up the street on the north side. Check them out! Come to our hood! Its generally pretty quiet crime wise and an easy walk to the metro.

  • Wow- even I think that is overpriced.

  • i believe this house is divided into two condos. one condo is the top two floors while the second is the bottom two floors. might explain the $420k price. not sure if that makes it a better deal.

  • oh wait, i think i’m totally wrong.

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