Lawn Decoration of the Day

IMG_7147, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I bet it looks dope sky when it’s all lit up during the night.

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  • i’m 38, but…. let’s look into the term “dope sky”

  • By the way, that is a sculpture by the artist who lives in the alley behind those houses. Walk down the alley and turn right and you’ll see one of his large pieces outside the carriage house he uses for a workshop.

    I live a few doors down, how come you never feature my door as door of the day? Seems like you’ve hit every other house in the area. You must be the walkinest blogger I’ve ever encountered.

  • My lord, poo poo posts something I agree with – it’s a miracle!

    C’mon PoP, “Dope Sky” makes you sound, well, like a dope.

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