Korean Brunch Strangely Similar to American Brunch

IMG_7202, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Aren’t steak & eggs just steak & eggs? Maybe Korean steak and eggs come with kimchi?

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  • where is this?

  • There’s a marinade (at least for the steak).

  • Seriously, why no location mentioned? Are you trying to keep it a secret?

  • It’s Mandu on 18th street. Great entry level Korean food. Been open for about two years or more??? Good yukaejang, but sadly their version doesn’t have the yummy yam noodles in it. Oh, and their brunch is a take on steak and eggs and it includes kimbop.

    Can you tell I eat here all the time?

  • It used to be the Nepalese restaurant…

  • That place is way better for lunch than for dinner.

  • How’s the bim bim bop and chop che?

  • They do a great dolsot bimbimbop, but that’s not hard to screw up. Gotta love that burnt rice. I’ve never had their japchae as nobody can make it as good as my mom.

  • i dont know a whole lot about authentic korean, but i do know that i had a really terrific meal there.
    has it been open two years already? damn. i’ve only been once.

    anyone got other good korean place recommendations? dishes to try?

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