Kennedy Street Corridor Revitalization Meeting Tonight

From a reader:

“Perhaps you could pass along the info on the meeting tonight involving the mayor and the Kennedy Street Corridor Revitalization Plan.

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  • Thanks POP. I went to the CVS at Ingraham and Georgia last night and couldn’t figure out what the commotion was. It was a mess. On both sides of Georgia. I came home and checked all the various news and listserv outlets. And not a word. I’m sorry to hear that it was at a school (I figured it was a shooting, so many cop cars.)

  • There was a shooting at Truesdell yesterday? Does anyone know the details?

  • washington post has the details…

  • thanks, emma. just went to the post site …
    sad….man, i went to truesdell… i am sure that mrs. gray-who was principal when i was there (in the early 60s) would be turning over in her grave if she knew about something like this happening on school grounds. if your shirt wandered out of your slacks-she would pull you aside and remind you that you were a student at the truesdell elementary school. but i digress.

  • I want PoP to do an interview of Reuben! It’s awesome hearing the reminscences…however you spell that… and I’d love to know what he thinks happened to change things and if it’s changing for the better…

  • This is funny (in a good way) Anonymous, and kind of you to say. I worry that I come across like some semi-cranky old school guy. (Maybe even not semi… ) Smile

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