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  • How is this any different than the guy shot at Truesdell Elementary? Venue is different. Result is the same. Dead body is a dead body. Why come down so hard on Island and not come down equally as hard on grown men being allowed to hang out at an elementary school under the nose of principals, parents, MPD?

  • Hi, I’m Kristen Barden, the Communications Director for Councilmember Bowser. Both incidents are tragic. However, the man shot at the Island Cafe did not pass away and will recover from his injuries. There have been incidents of violence at the Island Cafe for years and years, that is why their license to serve alcohol has been suspended pending a hearing at ABRA.

  • If there have been incidents for years, why not close it years ago? Why wait for this to happen? It is just more reactive approaches instead of being proactive. It shows me that Bowser can’t see the big picture. She can’t see that guns and this club are not the issue as much as the people are. I bet the profile of the guy shot at Island is almost identical to the guy shot at Truesdell. They were just shot in different places, that’s all.

    What is Bowser doing about the men hanging out at an elementary school? Evidently thay have been congregating here for years. Noone punishes the principal for allowing it. Noone comments on the parents for allowing it. Just the same old sorry and sad refrain about it’s the availability of guns that led to his demise. If you are going to ban guns, then the city should do a damn good job of ridding the city of them. And it is in this vein that you see how tragically short sighted the city is. 30 years after BANNING guns, we are still blaming guns for the deaths of hundreds of black males per year with no thought or plan of action given to coming up with real world intelligent solutions.

    Obama gave a speech last night that you may want to enlighten Bowser on. It is a message of taking personal responsibility. No more scapegoating.

  • The man shot at the Island Cafe was one of the performers. The ABRA Board and the Chief of Police together decided to suspend the liquor license until the time of the hearing when the results of the police investigation will be known. You are correct that the guns are only part of the problem. We are doing a lot of things all at once to keep the community safe. We do hope the gun ban will be supported by the Supreme Court. The gun ban is one tool in an arsenal of tools that we use to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  • The gun ban is not effective. Plenty of people can still get their hands on guns….

    I have to agree with Nate.

    Hopefully, this will be the last incident at Island Cafe and it will be shut down for good.

    The Truesdell story is awful. Why are those men hanging out at an elementary school?!?!? Why are more people not outraged? Kids were still at school!!! Where is Fenty? Where is Rhee? Obviously this would be a bigger story, if the bullet that went through the entry doors hit a student/teacher instead of a vacuum cleaner. Would Fenty be more visible then? Would the neighborhood be more outraged? I think so….but why are we waiting for that to happen?

    And it is still relatively cool outside – temperature wise. What is going to happen during the summer?

  • Although she is a member of the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary, Bowser can’t ever provide a SUBSTANTIVE response to questions that citizens pose to her about public safety legislation. Sometimes she doesn’t respond at all. I no longer bother to ask, and I have a hard time taking any of her pat answers seriously when she appears at ANC and PSA meetings.

  • Now you see what I am saying. A council of people afraid to give the tough answer. So the guy that was killed at Island was a performer. Well the guy killed at the school had no BUSINESS being on the campus. None whatsoever. The council’s reaction? Close the club. Leave the school open. If I had kids at Truesdell, I would be pulling for either more security or suspension of school functions until you could keep grown men with GUNS away from my kids during school hours.

    Instead, we get an inane response about the Supreme Court and gun control. I bet both of the guns used in these shooting were from illegal, unregistered guns. I also bet that the shooters had a prior felony that would have precluded them from buying a gun legally anywhere in the US. So explain to us how the gun ban saved this guy’s life? Explain to me how the city’s gun ban is working?

    Quite frankly, if this is too big of an issue for Mrs. Bowser and her staff to get a handle on, should not we be asking questions of her general competency on more complex matters?

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