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I had heard about this campaign on DCist. But it is still shocking to see on the side of a metro bus. My lord this has some shock value. Hell, where’s the blood? If you’re going to go for it, you might as well really go for it, yeah?

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  • It’s particularly great that it’s on the side of a Metrobus, the terror of pedestrians city-wide.

  • i am SO glad that this safety tip is aimed at pedestrians…its all well and good to have motorists watch out for them (as they should), but if one more starbucks drinking, 10 shopping bag toting, cell phone talking dumbass pops out of nowhere and gives me the finger because i didnt slam on my breaks soon enough, im going to floor it and re enact the scene on that bus. i am a VERY careful driver, but all the precautions in the world on my part wont save some idiot who thinks that traffic will stop for them just because they cant be bother to stop and look both ways…UGH!!

  • Actually, I’ve found many bus drivers to be courteous to pedestrians. Honestly I’m more afraid of rush-hour commuters on Sherman.

  • This is a ridiculous ad – it is amatuer in its attempt to be shocking and in its production value – there is absolutely nothing realistic or shocking about it. This is the type of CYA crap that we as taxpayers should not have to pay for. Take your $600,000 and pay police overtime to hand out jaywalking and aggressive driving tickets – maybe you’ll actually save some lives. The cities that have lower pedestrian injury and death incidents don’t have schlocky ad campaigns – they have enforcement.

  • now if people complain they’ll pull the ads and lose all the money too! catch-22 as far as I’m concerned. and I don’t think you can blame the ad agency for this one. i have a friend who works in the business for mostly utility co.’s and “public” entities and they she says they are always so worried about their image that there is total control and therefore lack of creativity allowed in the campaigns. i would be willing to bet that someone on metro came up with the idea for the ad and made the agency execute (no pun intended) it.

  • As an advertising professional with 20+ years in the business, I will agree that this is advertising by committee, come up with by a bunch of bureaucrats who know nothing about advertising and pushed down on the agency. Maybe people should stick with doing what they do best and leave advertising creative to the professionals – they may find that they actallu get results that way!

  • I agree with Cristobal, while drivers need to pay attention to what is happening around them the Pedestrians should cross as if their life depended on it. I mean who has driven in DC and can honestly say that they aren’t distracted constantly. Cell phones, passengers, and whatever else you are doing in your car aside. Just trying to avoid getting the front of your car smashed off by some self entitled idiot, reading the tiny, almost impossible to see, street signs and making sure you see the street lights that are sometimes above you and sometimes on the corners…it is tough! Why be a victim and cause someone else the grief of hitting you if you can just use your brain and look both ways!?!

    Sure this ad has a lot of shock value but if it makes people think then good! Maybe the next one can be a mom watching her child get hit by a bus-THAT would be real shock value.

  • The bottom line is simple. When someone in a car occupies the same space as someone not in a car, the person NOT in a car loses.

    It really doesn’t matter whose fault it is or whether drivers SHOULD be paying more attention. Of course they should. But as a pedestrian, you must always operate under the assumption that no car will stop for you, and therefore you will be killed unless you pay attention. I never step in front of a car that’s moving unless I have positive eye contact with the driver and it’s clear they are stopping for me. Because you just never know when that one driver who isn’t paying attention is going to come by at the same time as you’re crossing the street. Right or wrong – you are dead, they are not.

  • If I remember correctly (and I’m not going to watch it again just to verify), the video showing the women getting hit by the metrobus showed that they were crossing when they had the right of way. Even if they had looked both ways, they would not have noticed the bus coming from *behind* them to make a left hand turn and then crush them. WMATA has a lot of gall to remind pedestrians of their responsibilities when it has eggregiously and fatally failed to meet its own.

  • Everybody seems to be in the same self-absorbed trance. Just pick a street-corner during morning rush and watch for ten minutes: Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists. Everyone is behaving like golf-balls rolling around the deck of a boat. Sleep-walking. Sleep-driving. Randomly colliding with each other.

    The MOST conscious and aware people are the arrogant bastards that walk out in the middle of a block and DARE vehicles to stop. At least THEY have their eyes open.

    And besides: the ad campaign is an ugly lie: it carries the tagline POLICE ARE ENFORCING SAFETY LAWS. I call utter steaming bullshit on that. The “police” are not enforcing any bloody “safety laws”… If they were, even semi-effectively, there would be no need for the campaign.

    And the artwork on the ads isn’t half as violent as it should be. That pedestrian needs to be a completely destroyed sack of ruined bones, with the pedestrian’s children weeping on the side of the road. Don’t play around with fear-based campaigns until you have the nuts to do it RIGHT, metro.

  • Actually, the ad reminds me of the old Starsky and Hutch tv show from the 1970’s where Hutch runs and slides across the hood of the Gran Torino charger to get to his side of the car door.

  • I find this campaign disturbing and the artwork upsetting. But Intangible Arts is right, the artwork is not as violent as it should be to truly show what happens when a pedestrian is hit by a car.

    That said, I probably couldn’t bring myself to look at it is it was. I know what a person hit by a car looks like.

  • I too read the article on dcist, and when actually confronted with the add on the side of a bus this morning actually just busted out laughing. Thanks StreetSmart campaign for making my Wednesday morning a little more ridiculous!

  • Has anybody heard the radio ads for this campaign? It’s absolutely horrible- complete with screeching brakes and a woman screaming. Then the voice over about how local law enforcement is ON PATROL or something like that- it’s just too bad that the radio commercial can’t also include the slushing starbucks coffee like the ad on the metro bus does.

    I do wonder though how many kids are going to have nightmares from these giant ads on the bus?

  • I doubt any children in 2008 will have nightmares from seeing this picture. I think they are too hardened already to violent imagery as is. Last time I went to an R rated movie and didn’t see a child under 12 in the theater was probably 10 years ago.

  • It really should just say, “Watch or THIS BUS will kill you. The end.” That would maybe get the point across… or perhaps they should just stop employing people who’ve never heard of this thing called ‘traffic laws’.

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