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  • man, I hope somebody figures this out–I”m dying to know and clueless!

  • Embassy?

  • My first thought was that it might be a drug stash house like in the Wire. I’m not sure how PoP would ever know that to be the case though. 😉

    My guess is that it’s a charter school.

  • It’s more real than reality tv on cable?

  • One looks in front of the house and one across the street at a play area. This is so a parent can watch their kids at play on TV.

  • I’m also going to go with a stash house, a la the one in Pimlico in Season 1 of the Wire.

  • Planned Parenthood HQ?

  • Scientologists?

  • to watch their two SUV’s?

  • 1 for the front walk, 1 to look for loiterers out on the sidewalk…? Look both ways before you leave the house.

  • something to do with traffic monitoring?

  • zip car home?

  • If this is where I think it is, one camera is aimed at the owner’s front yard, and the other is aimed at the next door neighbor’s front door. The house next door was a crack house which the District government ignored, and this owner taped the goings-on there to coerce the City into action. Confronted with the video evidence, the City eventually force the crack house owner to sell the building, and it was turned into condos. I live in one of those condos.

  • Not gonna tell us?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry, I’m not 100% sure but I thought it was pointed towards some construction material on the lawn. Therefore, I thought it was there to deter theft of construction materials. But now I doubt that explanation because of CB’s comment. So I guess CB wins a t-shirt! Email me directly to collect.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but that looks like the front of a set of flats on Clifton Street NW, just beyond 14th Street NW south of Columbia Heights Metro. If it is, then it’s because the group that rehabilitated the row homes on that street bills the spot as super-safe and secure, or something to that effect.

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