I Like Stella And All…

IMG_7404, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But I’m not sure I’m digging this gigantic ad on an apartment building located around Mass. and 11th. What do you think: Is the American way or an eye sore?

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  • Humm… and Stella isn’t even that good.

  • First, Stella is one of the best nice crisp, relatively light tasting beers out there.

    Second, it’s an eye sore. Only if it was advertising bottled water, aka Budweiser, it would be the American way.

  • That’s my old apt. building, the Mass. House!! They always had a different beer advertisement up there, and I never understood why. It always made me chuckle as I approached my building to see a 4-story beer plastered up there.

  • Lol.. at least they could have given each tenant a case of the beer each time they put up a new one! 🙂

  • You always get the streets wrong. It’s 12th and Mass or even 13th and Mass.

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