I Dig The Ivy

IMG_6914, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So what do you think about ivy growing up rowhouses? Is it intentional? Are folks just big fans of Wrigley Field?

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  • Ivy is very bad. It degrades the mortor between the bricks. It is an envasive species. If you have it, I would recommend you get rid of it.

  • anyone know who to call about a vine growing IN TO a house? a landscaper? general contractor? we have a vine that seems to have become part of the structure of the addition on our house (those crappily built additions that are on everyones row

  • there is a tree/vine growing INSIDE columbia hts coffee

  • I think there are some varieties of ivy that don’t cause problems- maybe it’s called Boston ivy??

  • Most of the ivy you see around is English Ivy. Any that that grows on the side of your house and extends its roots into mortor joints to anchor itself is going to be bad for the structure. Given the age and, in many cases poor quality of the mortor, best thing to do with ivey is dig it up and kill it. Good vines include things like wisteria.

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