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  • I see Boo Radley behind the curtains

  • Just an illusion caused by the painting.

  • Bars on the 3rd floor windows but not the first or second? You don’t want anyone swinging down from the roof into your bedroom window!

  • iron bars on the 3rd floor windows? whatever for? Plus it is a nice yellow, unusual compared to the ones next to it.

  • The bars on 3rd floors. but not on second floor.
    Sharon & POP, may be they are trying to stop the ninja squirrel from swinging down from the roof into third floor, as they are on a war against humane race.
    By the way, the next door is 5 floor rowhouse, I never notice 5 floor rowhouse.

  • First of all with the third floor having a porch, it is not unreasonable to believe they may have had a break in that way. I lived in a building that was broken into from the roof next door. So if this was my place I would have bars there if I had been broken into too.

  • What’s striking to me is the boundary between the yellow house and the beige (on the left). The beige house seems to have stolen some space from the yellow on the top floor. At first I thought it was just a mistake by the painters, but if you look at the architectural details on each house, it really looks like there’s space missing on the yellow house’s third floor.

  • Abby gets the prize! This was our investment property, Jim as you know, we purchased it as a three unit apartment. We painted it this color combination (which we like) and modestly renovated the interior. There was an English basement apartment, a first floor apartment, and a large apartment on the 2nd and third floor. The area was crime ridden when we purchased it. The neighboring 5-story (illegal fifth story added by owner) had a bunch of thugs renting the 5th floor they would swoop down to balcony and break in and hence the bars on the upper floors. Incidently police said it could be anybody since cat burglers use the flat roofs in DC to move from rear unattended or vacant rowhouses to upper stories of inhabited homes. Sold it to speculator who condoed it. Zette Zelle, By gosh I think you are right…never noticed it!
    BTW made a 400% profit on our cash investment after 3 years…thanks Jim!

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