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A hold out from back in the day? It looks like a nice house but it must be sad living between two gigantic apartment complexes. Kind of a different porch experience. If memory serves I think this is on 11th or 12th St. in Shaw. I can imagine the whole block filled with houses like this one back in the day.

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  • I admire that house (12th Street) every time I go by – there are many exquisite details. Despite the sandwiching, it’s not too sad there – across the street are some nicely rehabbed row houses, and some still in a natural state.

  • I’d be happy, not sad, to own something gorgeous like that and not a condo in one of those 60’s monstrosities

  • That’s on 12th St, right up the street from my old church at the corner of Mass and 12th. I think they renovated it not too far back — I remember it being way dumpier than that and I actually thought they’d tear it down. It definitely looks lonely. That house survived the riots…the fires actually advanced right down to Mass and 12th and the rector at Ascension and St. Agnes at the time had to come out and plead with folks not to torch the church too. A dramatic story.

  • “my old church”.. I am still always struck how ridiculously religious this country is…

  • I still forget how ridiculously atheistic anonymous posters are….

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