Hmm, How Do You Get A Brick Sidewalk?

IMG_7137, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Does the city decide this? I think it looks pretty good, you?

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  • Man, PoP. You may have poked the hornet’s nest on this one.

    If listserv discussions are any indication, brick v. concrete is a pretty passionate topic. I know that Bloomingdale has argued back and forth about the benefits of each (e.g., brick is more environmentally friendly; concrete is cheaper to pour and maintain).

    I personally like the look of the brick walkways, but they can get pretty nasty if not cared for (see the East side of 12th Street NW between V & W for one example).

  • uh, and how do you get a new brick alley? I noticed they just re-did the alley between the 800 blocks of Taylor and Shepherd Streets. Plenty of other super sketch alleys to go to next…how do they decide?

  • Can I just say– brick sidewalks are unbearable in the snow/ice. Whenever I nearly fall, it’s always on brick. I don’t know why this would be, but damn if it isn’t true.

  • Be careful what you wish for … brick sidewalks are super slippery when they’re covered in ice. And when you put rock salt on them to melt the ice, the water and salt seep into the cracks and break up the mortar. Then you run into the whole maintenance issue …

  • Agree with Jen and Petworthian. One of the main reasons I turned down Harvard back when I used to be smart.

  • not to mention what they do to a nice pair of heels!

  • Another problem with brick (though pretty) is that trees’ roots tend to push them around, making them hazardous for runners–or any others who may not be staring at their own feet as they walk.

  • brick sidewalks dont need mortar.
    its hardly ever icy/ snowy in dc.
    way cheaper to maintain than concrete, though more expensive to install.

    much better for trees, as water passes between the bricks ( you know.. cuz theres not mortar)
    clay is a natural material, concrete a bit less so.

    if they are maintained they are vastly superior… but we know how the city operates.

    nice schools we got, huh.

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