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  • Will they PAY for my new kitchen/bathroom/expansion???????

  • My guess is that they won’t pay you anything. I mean, AFAIK, at least “this old house” or whatever its called doesn’t. I think pretty much all you get is some advice, perhaps occasionally some extra hands to help out.

  • OMG, this blog fits stuffwhitepeoplelike to a “t”. E.g., #37, renovations: http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/2008/01/29/37-renovations/

  • All, when we moved from Dupont to Petworth, we applied for HGTV’s Moving Up. And we got it. At the last minute, the people we bought from backed out, but we had signed contracts and had undergone filming. Here’s what we got. $2,000, and a mighty impressive list of vendor deals. I mean impressive. From rugs to Viking equipment to amazing bathroom equipment, to pools, you name it. I bet they will do the same thing. The value of product placement is huge for their participating vendors. Some items were free, some at a good discount. And they encouraged us to negotiate with other vendors.

  • Does anyone know what the “pay off” to the home owner is for My Big Amazing Rennovation?

  • What’s in it for the homeowner? See – http://www.denverpost.com/room/ci_10710673. Just having a camera crew film the workers is worth something.

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