Here’s Another Cool Back Deck

IMG_7516, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m digging all the vegetation.

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  • I’m thinking code violation here. IIRC, you can’t have > 3 feet of the deck “cantilevered” from the last vertical support member. It would seem that the deck hangs greater than 3′ from the single (!!) support posts on either side.

    Just sayin.

  • I agree with Matt, the first thing I thought was, even if it is cantilevered through the house, those two measely steel poles sure seem lonely out there.

  • I don’t particularly care for this one. Seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

  • To add with Matt and DK’s comment.
    The amount of load is put on the deck, which does not have good supporting structure, with the heavy flower pots, very soon the deck will collapse.

  • I hope they have insurance on those cars!

  • Never mind code vialation, this is a violation of good sense of scale, surroundings and style (i.e. I think it butt ugly).

  • Anyone notice the rooftop patios too? I’ve always been intrigued by those, but I can’t see myself up there from June – Sept….wouldn’t it be just blazing hot?

  • Um, I certainly hope those columns and planters up there are properly anchored. I’d hate to lean back against one of those with my third cocktail in hand and go tumbling down to the pavement.

  • Unless they are planning some good roman orgies, I think that this one is way out of line.

  • c’mon I totally love it. It looks like the parthenon or one of many greek restaurants i grew up with. hopefully the columns are hollow because it does look a little scary safety wise.

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