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  • I love these. I first saw them in Paris, 7 years ago, and have wanted one ever since. But, living in an old house, I need the ability to haul paint, and tools, and wood, and…

    Ok, my little Fit isn’t huge, but I can carry 4 people, and a Christmas tree, and lotsa paint.

  • this is the second one i;ve seen in the last few days. did a dealership open?

  • It is called a Smartfor2 and it is made by DaimlerChrysler. Check it out here…http://www.smartusa.com/

  • I’m in love!

  • They have a slightly bigger model in Europee as well, not sure if that’s going to start selling here. Also, you can see a lot of these also on highways in Europe. Not that you would necessarily want to crash one at highway speeds..

    In some cities in Germany and some other countries you can also rent one for something like Euro 5/day. Down side: the car is painted full with advertisements…

    Btw, some a-hole car lobby anti-environment what not congressman or senator once put up a pic of the Smart car when he was raving againts a tiny increase in fuel taxes saying something like “look at this, this is what the Europeans are driving, do you want this to be the future for us Americans too??”. What an a-hole.. oh I said that already. 🙂

  • Mileage was initially going advertised as 60MPG, but seems to really be about 40MPG.
    A comparison with some other small cars:

    Smart For TwoMini Cooper Toyota Yaris
    Base price

  • arghh…chart didn’t work. Look here for a comparison with other small cars:

  • Apparently, it gets three stars out of five in the European safety tests, whatever that means.

    Here’s a BBC Top Gear crash test article, in which they crash one into concrete at 70 mph: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju6t-yyoU8s

    These have been around for 10 years in Europe. People drive them on highways, in heavy traffic, and every way they use any other car. I can’t imagine they would have been so successful for that long were they materially less safe than other cars (they aren’t cheaper).

    Wasn’t the ‘bigger is safer’ argument discredited by all those SUV rollover stories?

  • currently a 16 month waiting list exists

  • Yes – Lindsay Lexus (of Arlington?) is selling them – my friend just bought a red one and said that about 200 were ordered for the Washington metro area and there was a wait list I think….

  • @Anonymous. The name is right, but they are made by a Daimler division called Smart. The Chrysler is no longer. I believe right now the are being sold around here at Mercedes dealerships. The Mercedes on Rt. 7 in Tysons also now has a banner for Smart. I believe the Mercedes dealership in Alexandria is also selling them.

    In northern California, Zap! is selling them, which tried to make its own cars a few years ago, but now sells electric vehicles and small cars like ForTwo. There was an article in the paper there the other day about municipalities having to change their parking laws to accommodate the ForTwo. Which is small enough that you can park it perpendicular to the curb, which is illegal in California in parallel parking zones. Apparently, though, you can park them two to a metered space, but if the meter runs out, both cars would be ticketed.

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